Tips for Selecting the Best Stock Photos for Your Website

As a web designer Chula Vista you have probably worked with dozens of stock photos when building a website. This is because taking custom photos is expensive and not a viable option for everyone. The best thing about stock photos is that they are affordable and there is no shortage of them. This does not, however, mean you download any stock photo that gets in the way. Here are some of the best tips you can use when searching for stock photos.

Choose a reputable source

There are so many sites that offer stock photos. These sites are not all created the same. Start by understanding the reputation that a site has before you create an account. You also need to make sure that the site offers something that is specific to your needs in their unpublished catalog. The last thing you want after you finish working on your web design Chula Vista is for someone to start claiming copyright infringement on some of the photos you have.

Research the licensing agreements

When using stock photos you want to use them legally. This will only be possible if you take the time to understand the licensing agreements. Some licenses will allow you to have complete freedom to use the image while others will only be available under certain conditions like on a personal blog. If you are not sure about the licensing agreement you need to contact the original owner of the photo. Reputable sites usually state clearly what their photos can be used for.

Use animal and/or people

The goal of using stock photos is to help your audiences connect with you. This will only be possible if you use animals and people in instances that create the feeling of connection. Even when searching for lifestyle photos of epic backgrounds it never hurts to choose the ones that have the suggestion of people such as hands, shadows or pets on leashes.  Pictures of random smiling people are, however, not the best choice. These pictures on a company website often radiate phoniness and insincerity.

Choose for colors

Last but not least, you need to select photos that suit the theme of your site. If your website has cooler and neutral tones you should pick images that are cooler-toned. This is the key to using images to licven up your web design Chula Vista.

Choosing stock photos does not need to be complicated. You just need to consider the message you want to send and pick photos that would suggest that message. You also need to avoid the popular stock photos since they will be common on other websites.

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Best Websites for Free Stock Images

When working on a web design Chula Vista you have to make room for images. Images not only make a website more attractive but also help readers understand your content better and you can use them to boost your search engine ranking with the proper use of Alt text. But where can you get the images you need. Custom photos are expensive so if you are looking for free high quality photos here are some of the best sites you can use.

This is a website that has photos crowd sourced from photographers around the world. There are hundreds of thousands of images to choose from with new images added regularly. The best thing about the images here is that they are authentic looking and you can find related images based on tags. This is the first site you should consider as a web designer Chula Vista. The only downside is that the images may not be unique since many developers download images from this site.

The site features high-quality images that have been taken by talented photographers. There are tens of thousands of high quality images to pick from here. You even use search terms to find related images as well as free videos. The issue with this site is that it shows stock photos from paid sites as ads.

Here you will find copyright free photos, vectors, illustrations as well as videos. There are so many high quality photographic, vector and illustrated images here. The search tool is quite powerful and offer convenient filters to help you find exactly what you are looking for. What you will not like on this site is that there is a reCAPTCHA needed to download an image without an account and you have a limited number of downloads until you create an account. Sponsored images from paid stock image websites are also displayed and can be confusing.

This site is mostly known for its powerful search engine. You can search for any image from corresponding photo-shoot. You also get complimentary color pallet for every image. You can search an image by color. The downside is that there is no option for you to create a user account that helps you save images.

There are so many stock photo sites you can use to download free photos for your new web design Chula Vista. Others worth mentioning are Burst, Canva, ISO Republic, Picjumbo, FancyCrave and Gratisography. The key to finding a fairly unique photo is avoiding the first few pages of search results. Dig deeper to find photos that have not been downloaded as much.

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Vital Features to Look for in a Web Hosting Service

Choosing the right web hosting plan is the first thing you need to do before you start working on a web design Chula Vista. The problem, however, is that you will be spoilt for choice. There are so many hosting companies and hosting plans to pick from. The key to selecting the perfect plan lies in knowing what to look for in a plan. Here are the key features you need to focus on when deciding on the hosting plan to use.

Storage and bandwidth

When considering these features you will come across the term unlimited. This does not necessarily mean what you think it means. If a hosting company offers unlimited storage or bandwidth you need to ask questions to understand what that means. The last thing you want as a web designer Chula Vista is to be charged more when you exceed a certain bandwidth yet the hosting company said it was unlimited. Check the terms for these limitations and get the specifics from the sales representative before purchasing a plan.

The amount of storage and bandwidth you select will depend on your website needs. If you plan on using a lot of high-resolution images on your website then you will need a bigger storage. If you expect more traffic you need a higher bandwidth. Always select your storage and bandwidth estimates with room for traffic spikes and growth.


Security has to be a top priority when selecting a hosting service. This is more so if yours is an ecommerce website. Poor security will easily ruin your reputation and eventually drive your business to the ground. When searching for the right hosting plan you need to focus on the ones that come with spam protection, SSL encryption and some form of website backup. Extra security will be needed if you run an ecommerce website.

Automatic backups and one-click restore

You need to back-up your website regularly. This is the key to avoiding total loss in case something goes wrong. Daily backups are great because they ensure all your information will be backed up for easy restore if you are ever hacked or compromised in any way. The last thing you want is to go back to the web design Chula Vista table simply because your website crushed and you had no backup.

Customer support

Last but not least you need to make sure that the hosting company offers exceptional customer support. They should be able to respond to your needs quickly and are knowledgeable enough to fix any error that may occur.

These are the most important features you have to look for when deciding on the hosting plan to use. Do not forget to involve your web designer Chula Vista throughout the process. He knows what your type of website needs the most.

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4 Secrets to Building the Best Website

When working on a web design Chula Vista everyone wants to end up with the best website on the market. The problem is realizing this goal is never easy. There is a lot of work that needs to be done. In this post we shall be looking at the key steps you need to take in order to build a remarkable website.

List your needs

You are definitely building a website for a reason. Now is the time to list all the things that the ideal website should be able to do. If you are creating a blog you want one that allows visitors to leave their comments and share the post on their social media. For an ecommerce website you need one that makes it possible for visitors to complete a purchase within a few clicks and without your involvement. The list of the things your website should be able to do will help you hire the best web designer Chula Vista and also help the designer understand what needs to be done to bring your dream to life.

Research the trends

To further inspire your ideas you need to spend some time going through the web design trends. New trends crop up almost on a daily basis. You cannot implement all these trends but you can use the ones that work best for your target industry. Start by looking at what your competitors are doing to stay ahead and take note of the special tactics they are using. Online reviews on new trends will also give you a few ideas that will help refine your vision. 

Hire the best web design agency

The next thing you need to do is find a reputable web design agency. Working with an individual web designer Chula Vista is okay but if you need better services you will have to work with an agency. The best thing about web design agencies is that they have all the professionals you need to realize your dream under one roof. You never have to hire a content writer or an SEO expert on your own. The agency will do everything for you.

Pick the best hosting plan

You will also need to select the best hosting plan. Don’t just accept a package because a web designer recommended it. The web designer should be able to justify his choice. You will also need to do some research on your own to know what defines a perfect hosting plan.

These tips will help come up with a remarkable web design Chula Vista. The key to online success, however, is to keep refining your website. Never assume that your website has everything it needs to remain on top.

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Web Design Chula Vista – Common Usability Mistakes in Web Design

Web design Chula Vista has never been easier than it is today. There are so many web design firms you can hire as well as countless web development tools you can use to create your own website even with no coding skills. The problem is not everyone that sets out to create a website ends up with something that actually works. The main reason for this failure is the mistakes people make especially when it comes to usability. Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes you need to avoid.

Tiny clickable areas

Hyperlinks are designed to be clicked. This means they have to be usable on both desktop computers and mobile devices. The mistake web designers Chula Vista make is that of creating hyperlinks that are too small to click. Such links are hard to miss and at times hard to click especially on mobile devices. Having large clickable areas make it easier to hover the mouse cursor over the link. For the best results you need to either increase the padding around the link or simply make the link bigger. You must also not place two separate clickable hyperlinks together. Clicking the wrong link might cause a visitor to think your website is full of spam links.

Content that is difficult to scan

Not many people take the time to read every word on your page. Internet users are impatient and often scan through the content until they find what they are looking for. Failing to use subheadings and highlighting the important points makes it easier for visitors to miss the important points. Make your content easy to scan if you want to funnel more visitors in.

No contact information

It is not uncommon to go through an interesting post only to have no way to contact the publisher. This is a pretty common mistake in web design Chula Vista. Most websites only have the contact information on the contact page. That is not enough. Your contact information should be at the top or bottom of each of your web pages. Visitors should be able to contact you easily whenever they want to.

No way to search

To save time some visitors opt to search the website using a search tool. The problem is that most websites lack a working search tool. This can keep you from winning a new client.

Old links pointing nowhere

Links are important because they help visitors to find more information and move between your posts. But what happens when your links are old and don’t lead anywhere? Such links will cause you to lose the trust of visitors. Always go through your links and make sure they direct where they are meant to.

Long registration forms

Last but not least, long registration forms require too much from the visitor. Not many people will take the time to fill these forms. The same goes for a long checkout. Don’t demand too much from your visitors else you will lose them.

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Web Design Chula Vista – 5 Golden Rules of Web Design

When it comes to web design Chula Vista your primary goal is obviously to create an amazing website that drives results. Realizing this goal is never easy. So many websites fail at this more so because they don’t follow the rules of web design. If you want to create an amazing website here are the top rules you will have to follow.

Invest in speed

Your target audiences are impatient. They don’t have the time to wait for your page to load up. As a matter of fact, if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load up most visitors will abandon it. Your primary focus as a web designer Chula Vista should be creating lightweight web pages that load super-fast. You should get rid of all the unnecessary elements, get the best hosting package and keep clearing clutter from your web page. Your images must also be optimized for speed.

Strive for consistency

The last thing you want is for your visitors to feel like they landed on a completely different website whenever they open a different page on your website. This can cause them to abandon your site because of the fear of being conned. Your website has to look the same. Whether visitors are on your homepage, contact page or your blog they should be able to associate it with you.

No popups

The worst distraction you can have on your website is the popups. These can be popups asking visitors to sign up or advertisements. Nobody likes popups and they will easily force visitors to abandon your site.

No auto-play media

Another thing you must never do as a web designer Chula Vista is that of adding media that auto plays. You need to remember that your visitors want to have control when on your website. Adding videos or audios that auto-play will only rob them of that control. There is nothing more frustrating for a user than having to search for the media that is playing. If they are in a public place they will simply shut your website and never come back to it ever again. Let visitors play the media if they want to.

Mobile friendliness

Your website has to be optimized for both desktop computers and mobile devices. More than 60% of your visitors will be using mobile devices. If your website is not optimized for mobile it will not only disadvantage mobile users but also not rank well in search engine results.

There are many more rules you need to follow in web design Chula Vista but these are the main ones. If you are not a competent web designer never hesitate to get expert help. You also need to keep up with the web development trends before you start working on your next project.

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When Can You Hire a Web Designer?

There are so many reasons why you should hire a web designer Chula Vista when planning or working on your website. Regardless of whether you are building a personal or business website, a web designer will bring great value to the project. Even if you want to build your website on your own, you can hire a web designer for a range of reasons.

For expert advise

Building a website is never easy. There are so many considerations that have to be done long before you settle on a web design Chula Vista. To avoid the guesswork and end up with the best features on your website, you can seek advice from a web designer. Remember that the designer has the professional training and experience and he is involved in the creation of websites on a daily basis. His input will help build an even better website.

To build website from scratch

If you don’t have the time and need a professional website, you can hire a web design agency to build and maintain your website. The best thing about this option is that you will get a professional website that brings your vision to life. All you need is to communicate with the web designer your desires in a website and he will bring your dream to life. It is good to always keep an eye on the progress to ensure everything is being done the way you want. 

Design templates

With so many intuitive web builders on the market, you can be able to build your website on your own. However, for you to get a website that matches your brand, you need to use custom templates. A web designer Chula Vista can design the template you need or modify the ones that you have to match your goals. This is not something you will be able to do if you are not an experienced web designer. Regardless of the content management system you are using, an experienced web designer will be able to build a template that runs smoothly on it.

Convert templates to CMS

While you may have found the perfect template for your website, the template may not be compatible with your selected Content Management System. This does not mean you have to start from scratch or switch to a different CMS. A web designer can help convert the template to fit your preferred CMS. Whether you want to use your HTML template with WordPress or a Drupal template to use with Joomla your web designer can help.

Maintain website

When your website is up and running; you can hire a web designer to help with maintenance. The designer can update your web design Chula Vista, create new content for your website, optimize it for search and ensure the website is performing optimally.

There are so many reasons why you should hire a web designer. The rule of thumb is to hire one that has experience building the type of website that you need.

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What You Will Get for Your Blog Design Budget

If you need a professionally done blog you need to hire a web designer Chula Vista. Find a designer that has experience creating blogs that are similar to what you need. This means you have to ask for links to the websites he has created and contact a few of his references to know what they have to say about the services they received. Once that is done, you need to understand actual cost of getting a website build. In this post we shall be looking at the price range of blog design.

Under $500

If your budget is less than $500, you will mostly need to work with freelancers. The majority of freelancers work by modifying free or even premium blog themes and templates which they then use to build your website. In this case you will end up with a professionally looking web design Chula Vista for less than $500. All in all, it is good to note that there will be some sites that will look like yours because the structure of the theme will not be altered. The designer may upload plugins, widgets, create favicon and add social media sharing icons to add more function to your blog.

$500 to $2,500

If you are looking for more than simple tweaks in web design, the cost of building your blog will fall in this price range. The cost will depend mostly on the web designer you end up hiring. For huge amounts of design modifications a freelancer can charge $1,000 whereas a web design agency may charge up to $2,500 or more.

In this mid-price range you need to do a lot of research. You need to compile a list of all the things you want to be modified and added to the template or theme. Doing so will help the web designer Chula Vista to give you a specific price quote. Take the time to get quotes from different designers before committing.

$2,500 to $5,000

With this price range, you can count on getting a highly customized premium template or theme or a blog that is built from the ground up. The designer here starts by creating an Adobe Photoshop layout which is then coded to meet your unique specifications. Additional functionality will be limited but you can be guaranteed of getting a web design Chula Vista that is unlike any other out there.

Over $5,000

At this price range, you have asked for an incredibly customized website with advanced functionality. The cost may also be this high simply because you are working with an expensive web designer.

The cost of creating your blog will depend on what you want to see and the web designer you are working with. Always take the time to make a list of the must-have features on your blog and also shop around.

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