Why Your Website is Losing Precious Leads

Even with the best web design Chula Vista, you might notice a decline in lead generation over time. This is because your web design is not the only thing that determines the amount of traffic that you get. There is a lot more that needs to be done for you to generate more leads. In this post we shall be looking at the top reasons why a website starts losing leads.

Outdated website
If your website is outdated, it will make your company look outdated. This is more so if your website lacks a responsive web design. If you are still using the same design you used 5 years ago you are giving your clients the wrong impression. Hiring a web designer Chula Vista to update your website is the key to increasing leads. You might have to start from scratch when redesigning your website but the end result will leave you wondering why you tool so long to update the website.

Slow load time
If you have been keeping up with the stats, you may have learnt that 47% of visitors expect your website to load in less than 2 seconds. If your website doesn’t load fast enough, visitors will simply hit the back button and move on to a different website. There are many things you can do to speed up your site. They include resizing your images, cleaning your CSS, minimizing the number of 301 redirects and enabling caching.

Poor branding
If visitors are not able to figure out who you are as soon as they land on your website, there is a good chance you are using poor branding. A strong brand is the key to successful online marketing strategies. You need to make sure that you have a clear brand, value proposition as well as a clear mission statement. Branding is a process that has to be taken seriously.

Unclear messaging
Within seconds of landing on your website, visitors should have an idea of the value your business will offer. If your website has a disjointed or unclear messaging it will end up confusing visitors. Forcing visitors to work hard to understand what your website is about is the number one reason why you are not generating leads. Your website’s messaging should be tight; saying a maximum of three value propositions.

Vague CTAs
If visitors don’t understand the next step from the CTA, your CTAs are weak. Calls-to-action need to be clear, direct and definitive. They should be something like: Call Now, Request a Demo, Schedule a Consultation, Download Now and so on. The CTAs must also be placed in different spots of your website and in relevant spots. Don’t add ‘Download Now!’ if the page wasn’t talking about downloading anything.

There are many more reasons why your website might be failing. The above are, however, the main reasons. You have to keep improving your website and keep up with the trends.

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Statistics to Keep in Mind When Creating a New Website

In web design Chula Vista, it is important to consider the stats. Statistics will help you understand what is more important and what you can leave out. In this post, we will be looking at the top stats you need to consider when working on a new website.

User experience
You should give user experience top priority. You should do the same. According to a research by Econsultancy, 47% of visitors expect a web page to load in less than 2 seconds. The load speed of your pages must always be a top priority. The good news is that an experienced web designer Chula Vista can help decrease the load time of your website by doing things like proper image sizing, caching and minimal coding.

Still on user experience, Adobe found that 39% of visitors will stop engaging with your website if the images don’t load or take long to load. Needless to say, images taking long to load will further cause your website to take long to load up. A knowledgeable design agency will help select the right balance of images, layouts, texts and other elements to guarantee your website is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Top reason why visitors give up on content or switch devices is because:

  • Images wont load: 46% switch devices whereas 39% stop engaging
  • Page takes long to load: 44% switch devices whereas 39% close the website
  • Content is too long: 30% will switch devices and 38% will close the website.
  • Content is unattractive in its imagery or layout: 35% will switch devices and 38% will close the website.

The above are stats provided by Adobe. User experience is the most important consideration to make in web design Chula Vista. This is irrespective of the quality of content you offer.

Web design and content
47% of visitors will open the products or services page before viewing any other section of your website. With that in mind, your products or services page must be a top priority in web development.

  • 86% of your visitors want to see information on the products or services
  • 65% want to see your contact information
  • 52% want to see the ‘about us’ information

You have to keep these stats in mind when building a website. Focus on the content that really matters and spend less time with press releases and executive officer profiles.

Mobile friendly design
According to a Google research, 75% of visitors prefer websites that are mobile friendly. 50% of the respondents reported they were frustrated with websites that did not have a mobile friendly design.

With this information in mind, you will be able to create a better website. It is also important to remember that your website’s credibility is 75% based on the overall aesthetics of your website and first impressions are 94% design related according to ResearchGate.

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Great Websites for Checking Your Google Keyword Rankings

Having the best web design Chula Vista is not enough to help you achieve success in online marketing. To drive traffic to your business, your website has to be discovered. This will only happen when you optimize it for search. One of the best ways of doing this is through search engine optimization. This option is free and will give you organic traffic. All in all, for this to work, you need the right keywords. There are several sites you can use to do a keyword research. Here are the best Google position checker tools online.

This is one of the best tools you can use. It is a complete solution for keyword checking. To use this tool, you simply enter the URL of your website or an individual of a blog post and the tool will show you the keywords that your website is ranking for. The tool further gives you the option to check the keyword competition. The tool supports Google and Bing. If you are not sure which keywords your web designer Chula Vista used, you can use SEMrush to see the list of keywords your website is ranking for.

This is yet another great tool you can use. It is the best alternative to SEMrush. The best thing about this tool is that it comes loaded with great features. It will detect the keywords your website is ranking for automatically. What is more is that you have the option to specify ranking based on country.

This is an SEO tool by Mangools. It works great and offers a remarkable user interface. With this tool you will be able to track the keyword position for your domain. You can track the position of your keywords based on devices (mobile and desktop) and geolocation. To track more keywords, you have to get the paid plan. The pricing is reasonable.

Google Rank Checker
This is a free online utility that will help track keyword positioning in Google search engine results. To use the service, you enter the keywords that you wish to search as well as your domain name. you will be shown the specific keyword in Google.

This is a dedicated paid keyword position checker. The first thing you will appreciate is the interface of the platform. It is intuitive and very easy to use. You will be able to track keyword ranking in Google search as well as Bing search. The best thing is that the tool is very fast and very accurate. You will be able to see the preview of your search result snapshot with a simple click. Their plans are based on the number of keywords you wish to track. There is also a 14 days free trial.

There is no longer need to remain in the dark in regards to the ranking of your website. These tools will come in handy. Your web designer Chula Vista will also recommend other remarkable tools you can use.

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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Company

Before you start working on a web design Chula Vista, you need first to buy a domain name and get web hosting. Choosing a domain name is easy because you will get recommendations from the registering party. Selecting a web host is a bit difficult. This is because your web host is what determines the uptime, speed and features of your website. In this post, we shall be looking at the vital considerations you should make when selecting a hosting company.

This is a no brainer. You want an affordable hosting service provider in order to reduce your expenses. Even so, you must not go with the cheapest services out there. The old adage stands true here; you get what you pay for. Don’t select a company or package because of affordability alone. You need to compare the features and reputation. Does the package offer what you need? Your web designer Chula Vista will help with this step.

The objectives of your website matters a lot when choosing a hosting service and package. Always review the needs of your website before commencing the search on a reliable web host. Evaluate your current and future website needs. That will be the key to selecting the best provider. Remember that every web host will have its share of pros and cons. Take note of what you want your website to do. This will help evaluate the features better.

Technical support
At one point in time you will experience problems. The last thing you want is to be stuck for days. That is why you need a web host with the best technical support service. The web host you use should offer 24/7 technical support and you should be able to speak with a real person when you need help. The best service providers offer multiple levels of support which include toll-free phone, email, and live chat. Always make sure the service is in-house and hasn’t been outsourced.

Features and add-ons
The next thing you need to do is find the thing that makes a service provider stand out. To do this you have to consider the extras that they offer. Does their platform make it easy for the novice to set up their site? Do they provide credits for advertising with Google Ads? Do they offer access to multiple data centers? Is regular data backup available? You should only consider the add-ons after your primary website needs have been met.

There is a lot more you need to consider when choosing a web host. Top on the list are the reputation of the company, email features, their user interface, and room to grow. Never be in a hurry to select a hosting service. Select a service because it offers everything that you want and then some.

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Web Design Chula Vista – How to Create Great Calls to Action

Your web design Chula Vista must leave room for calls-to-action (CTA). The CTA is what increases conversion by telling visitors what is in it for them. Without a CTA, you may have lots of traffic but no conversion. But how do you create great CTAs? This is the question this article is here to answer.

Clear and direct
The first thing you need to do is make sure your calls-to-action is clear and direct. You must never mince words in the CTA or overthink it. You need to be upfront. The slightest confusion will be counterproductive. As you work on your CTAs, you need to get feedback from other departments, customer service and from your sales team. They will help trim your language so that it is more direct. Some examples of a clear and direct CTA include the following:

  • Contact Us Now
  • Click Here
  • Request a quote
  • Get pricing

The CTA needs to be short and state an action. Your web designer Chula Vista will then make it standout by using a color and font that stands out.

As much as being direct is important, your CTA must be used in a timely manner. You have to think of marketing as dating. You cannot ask someone to marry you without going on a first date. Prior to adding the CTA, you need to win the trust of your target audience. Let them know what you can do for them and why it is a great idea to use your products or services. Testimonials and reviews from recent clients can help win the trust of visitors. The CTA you add should also be appropriate. At the end of a blog you don’t want to add a BUY NOW CTA. The most appropriate CTA here is ‘View other articles’ or ‘download our digital guides’. When used at the right time, a CTA will help establish a strong and lasting relationship with your prospects.

Needs based
Yes you want a visitor to perform a certain action. The issue is that that is a bit mean. A great CTA includes a needs-based directive. Your CTA should tell the visitor what is in it for them. Don’t be selfish. Instead of saying DOWNLOAD OUR PRICING, say SEE PRICING OPTIONS. The goal is to keep your prospects needs first. Make them feel you are there to meet their unique needs and not to satisfy your needs.

This will help create a better CTA that boosts your website’s conversion. Don’t forget to keep your CTA unique. Avoid the clichés. Be creative with your CTAs.

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Web Design Chula Vista – 3 Simple Mistakes You Must Avoid in Web Design

Web design Chula Vista has been made easy by the introduction of intuitive web development tools and online web builders. However, if you want to create a remarkable website, you have to learn of the most common mistakes that people make. In this article, we shall be looking at the 3 simple mistakes that most web designers made when building a website.

Lack of a unique value proposition
It is important to have a unique web design that and high quality supporting content to go with it. All in all, for you to be able to engage your clients, your messaging needs to be clear and about what your website does. You have to make it clear to potential clients why your brand is unique from that of your competitors. If you are not able to communicate this to visitors right away, you will lose them. The lack of a unique value proposition is the number one reason why many websites fail. Even when working with an experienced web designer Chula Vista, it is imperative that you make your value proposition clear. The last thing you want is to leave your visitors confused. If they are confused, you will not be able to lead them to the sales funnel. 

Hard to navigate
Navigation is the key to the success of your website. How easy is it from your visitors to move from the home page to the page that contains the information that they need? If you force your visitors to guess, they will leave. Your web design Chula Vista should have a layout that is easily recognized and one that is easy to understand. Don’t confuse your visitors by reinventing the wheel. Your search tool needs to be on the top or top right part of your pages and the contact information must be visible on every page. Don’t create a website that is too unique that it is not intuitive.

Poor legibility
You may have an amazing web design but if it is not easy for visitors to consume your content you will end up missing out. Don’t frustrate visitors with illegible fonts. Your fonts have to be large enough and should not be too stylized. You also need to make use of white spaces. The colors you select should stand out enough for everything to be legible. Lighter colors such as yellow may be hard to read more so for the older users.

Creating a website is easy but you must not move too far from the norm. Pay attention to the web design trends and make sure your elements are where visitors would expect to find them.

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What You Must Do when Creating a Website

Hiring an experienced web designer Chula Vista is obviously the first thing you need to do when building a website. A designer with years of experience will guarantee you create something remarkable. Needless to say, when you do it right, your website will be the best marketing tool you have. A web designer will be able to help you do that. However, hiring a web designer is not enough. There are a couple more things you need to do.

Set smart goals
One of the reasons why most people get frustrated by their websites is because they set unrealistic goals. If your goals are farfetched, no result will satisfy you. Setting smart and measurable goals is very important when creating a website. Some smart goals include:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Generate more leads
  • Increase sales
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Reduce overhead

You should also remember that it takes time for your website to catch on. You cannot expect your website to start driving sales within a week. You have to market it and build customer trust first. Never work on a web design Chula Vista with the hope of getting instant results. Achieving your traffic goals will also take time.

Become an SEO wizard
There is no better source of organic traffic than search engines. This is why you need to plan on becoming an SEO wizard. You should start by getting an in-house SEO expert and also hire some SEO pros. You must also educate yourself about SEO. SEO has the highest ROI in marketing so do plan on doing it right and relentlessly.

Use open source tools
When selecting a content management system (CMS), it is imperative that you steer clear of proprietary systems. Yes they are great but they will certainly attract hefty license fees. Open source CMS like WordPress and Magento are free to use and you will have the backing of a huge support community.

Steal from competitors
Yes you have the best plan to ace it in online marketing but your plan will certainly not cover everything. You need to take a look at what your competitors are doing to attract more customers. Take note of the things your competitors do well and implement them in your strategy.

Add calls to action
Your web design Chula Vista must have room for calls to action. Make sure your calls to action are clear on what the visitor will get. Instead of saying, ‘80% off all products’; be more specific and write, ‘80% off on all products, CLICK HERE to view’.

Trust your web designer
Last but not least, you need to give your web designer Chula Vista some elbow room. After communicating what you want, listen to his recommendations and let him do what he does best. Don’t have the, ‘do what I tell you’ attitude.

These are the vital things you have to do in web design. As a side note, you need to keep up with the trends and keep learning from your competitors.

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Easy Steps to Help Create a Successful Website

Web design Chula Vista is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of creating a website. The design will be the look and feel of your website. It has the power to lure prospects in or push them away. That is why a lot of thought has to be given to the design that you want. All in all, it is good to note that design is not the only thing you should think about. In this post, we shall be looking at the crucial steps you have to take to create a successful website.

Develop your brand strategy
Creating a website is easy but how does it fit into your company’s media brand strategy? Without a brand strategy, you risk creating a website that will hurt your business. The first thing a web designer Chula Vista will do is identify the role of the website to the big picture. Will the website serve as an extension to the traditional media outlet or will it be a standalone business? Developing a brand strategy is the key to building a remarkable website.

Be wary of the design mistakes
You have to avoid the website design mistakes that have been found to drown most websites. A great website relies on more than just good color choices and great fonts. You will need great content and a clean design. A website that is filled with ads will push potential clients away. The rule of thumb is to add only the essential elements that you need. Do your research to understand the common mistakes web designers make.

Don’t sell everything
Most visitors will turn away from your website when they realize that they have to pay for the content. Paying for content doesn’t mean sending money. Forcing visitors to sign up before they can view your content is also asking them to pay. Even when you sell premium content, you should always offer free content as a teaser for the paid content.

Generate traffic
Having the best web design Chula Vista and content is not enough. You need to reach out to your target audience. You should generate traffic by using targeted keywords, link building, sharing your link on social media, and investing in paid ads. SEO is something you must never ignore. Killer SEO will help beat the competition.

Measure your traffic
When you don’t measure your traffic, you will never know if your marketing strategy is working or not. You have to track the habits of your site’s visitors. What are their patterns? Which area is receiving the most attention? Using web analytics tools will help understand what the users want and thus increase clicks.

These are the crucial steps you have to take in web development. The most important thing is to enlist the help of an experienced web designer Chula Vista. Hire someone with a proven track record of success.

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