How to Choose an SSL Certificate for Your Website

As you work on your new web design Chula Vista, you have to always think about the security of your website. One of the most important things you will have to do is to install an SSL Certificate. This will not only secure your website and build trust with your visitors but also improve your search engine rankings. But which SSL certificate should you use? Here are some recommendations to help pick the best certificate for your website.

Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)

This is considered an entry level SSL certificate. Your web designer Chula Vista will recommend it if your website doesn’t need high security. It is ideal for blogs, personal websites and small business websites. The reason it is ideal is because a green padlock saying ‘Secure’ in the address bar is enough to win the trust of visitors who are not required to buy anything or login. The Domain Validated Certificates simply means you have the right to use the domain. Your visitors will not get warning messages about insecure connections.

The DV SSL certificate is easy to obtain. You will get a verification email from the Certificate Authority. The email is sent to an administrative email and contains a unique link to approve and validate the certificate. You simply click on the link and you are done. This certificate is, however, not recommended for sites that require higher trust of visitors.

Organization Validated Certificates (OV SSL)

The OV SSL Certificate is recommended for websites that get feedback or email sign-up forms. If your website has a client area then this is the ideal SSL certificate for you. The certificate helps prove that yours is a legitimate business entity. The OV certificates are only issued to companies.

It takes 3 to 10 days for you to get the OV SSL Certificate. The Certificate Authority has to find your company listed in official government database or in a database like Yellow Pages. You will also be required to submit some documents and answer questions via phone. Thereafter you get a verification email sent to your administrative email. This certificate is, however, not ideal for government services and ecommerce sites.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate (EV SSL Certificate)

Your web designers Chula Vista will recommend this certificate if your website will receive online payments or require visitors to enter their personal data. It is ideal for e-government websites, banks, web stores and financial services. EV SSL offers more trust with a green address bar with your company name. A good example of websites that use EV SSL is PayPal. EV SSL Certificate is only issued to companies.

It takes 10 to 14 days to get the EV SSL certificate. Your company’s existence has to be verified and you will need to submit certain documents and answer several questions. You will then receive a verification email with the link to validate and approve the certificate.

The SSL Certificate you select will depend on your type of website and the level of security you need. Always take time to compare rates from different SSL certificate providers before making a purchase.

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6 SSL Certificate Options for Securing Your Website

Your web design Chula Vista alone will not be enough to build customer trust and get customer’s confidence in your business. The best way to accomplish this trust is to install SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is used to secure a web page when submitting sensitive information over the Internet. What most people don’t know is that you will have several options when it comes to SSL. Here are the main options available.

Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL)

This is the most expensive and the highest ranking type of SSL certificate. When installed this SSL certificate will display on the address bar of a browser. Visitors will see a padlock, HTTPS, name of your business and the country. Displaying information about the owner of the website on the address bar helps distinguish a website from other malicious sites. Your web designer Chula Vista will recommend the EV SSL if yours is a high profile website. It is ideal for applications that require identity assurance like processing logins, collecting data and online payments.

Organization Validated Certificates (OV SSL)

The purpose of this type of SSL certificate is to encrypt the sensitive information during a transaction. The certificate offers high assurance that is similar to the EV SSL certificate. It helps validate the credibility of a website. The information of the website owner will be displayed on the address bar thus making it easy for a site to be distinguished from other malicious websites. The OV SSL is the second highest priced SSL certificate.

Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)

This offers low assurance as well as basic encryption. It is ideal for informational websites and blogs. The validation process required to get this SSL certificate is quite minimal. You only need to provide your domain ownership by responding to an email or phone call. The SSL is not expensive and it is easy to obtain. On the browser address bar your visitors will only see the HTTPS and a padlock.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

These are used to secure base domain and unlimited subdomains. It is very cheap to get this SSL certificate.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

With this you will be able to secure up to 100 different domain names and subdomain names using one SSL certificate. This option will help save time and money.

Unified Communications Certificates (UCC)

These SSL certificates are also considered to be multi-domain SSL certificates. Originally they were used to secure Microsoft Exchange and Live Communications servers. Today they can be used with personal websites. The UCC will display a padlock on the browser.

It is very important today to have an SSL certificate. You should choose a certificate long before you start work on your web design Chula Vista. Make sure you research the SSL certificate provider before getting a certificate from them.

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Why Your Web Shop is Not Performing as Good as it Should

Having the best web design Chula Vista is not enough to help your web shop sell more of your products and services. To enjoy the benefits that come with having an online store you have to do more than just create a beautiful store. In this post we will be looking at the top reasons why your web shop might not be performing as well as you would want it to.

Rarely appears on search engine results

The search for a product online starts on search engines. If your products or services don’t show up when customers search for related products, that is the top reason why your web shop is not performing as well. In this case you need to invest more in search engine optimization. When your website is ranked high in search engine results, potential customers will be able to find your store and products much easier. Combine SEO with SEA for better results.

Takes long to load

Being found on search engine results is important but how fast your web pages load is more important. You will be amazed by the bounce rate websites with slow loading pages register. The worst thing with a high bounce rate is that it will impact your search engine rankings negatively. If your pages take longer than 5 seconds to load up, you need to talk to your web designer Chula Vista and have them optimized. More often than not, web pages are bloated by unnecessary graphics, using cheap or unreliable hosting services and adding too many unnecessary elements. You need to fix your website so that it loads in less than 3 seconds.

Your web shop is not mobile friendly

More than 60% of Internet searches today are done using mobile devices. People will still search the web using their mobile devices even when there is a laptop or desktop computer close by. Failure to accommodate to mobile users can be disastrous for your web shop. Visitors should not just be able to access your website on their mobile devices but also complete a purchase. The best thing about having a mobile friendly website is that it will boost your search engine rankings.

Its purpose is unknown

If visitors cannot determine what your website is all about, they will click away. You need to use taglines and slogans to communicate what your business does. Let visitors know why they should care about your business.

Other mistakes worth mentioning include requiring visitors to sign up before they can view your content/products, making it hard for customers to contact you, using low quality images and making it hard for visitors to navigate through your website and search for products. Always work with an experienced web designer Chula Vista when creating your web shop.

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How Your Web Design Might be the Reason for the High Bounce Rate

More often than not, your web design Chula Vista is the root cause of the high bounce rate. You may have the best website but if it is not optimized properly it might be the reason why most visitors abandon your site right after getting on it. The worst thing about a high bounce rate is that it will impact your search engine ranking too. But how do you know if your web design is the root cause of the high bounce rate?

Slow load time

The first test you need to do is check how fast your pages load up. In an effort to create a remarkable website, a web designer Chula Vista might end up adding too many elements that clog the website. If your web pages take longer than 3 seconds to load up, then your web design is the cause of the high bounce rate. Studies have shown that visitors give up on a website if it takes more than 5 seconds to load up. Improving the load time of your pages will significantly reduce the bounce rate.

Poor usability

This is another major thing you have to consider. Navigation issues are the main cause of bounce rates. If a visitor cannot find his way around your website, he will get frustrated and end up clicking away. Your navigation structure has to be intuitive. Visitors should not have any trouble moving around your website.

A cluttered website will also cause the same negative effect. When a page is cluttered, visitors will have a hard time finding the information they need. As a result, they will have no reason to stay on your website. Your web design Chula Vista has to be intuitive else you will lose visitors.

Intrusive advertisements

Increasing conversion is the objective of practically every website. The problem is that some people go overboard. This happens when a website is filled with popups. Popups are a distraction and will lead to a high bounce rate. The case is the same if your website has auto-play videos and audios. Anything that is intrusive will reduce the reputation of your landing pages and diminish the overall value of your content. Refrain from using web elements that will be a distraction.

Content that cannot be skimmed

Your audiences are always pressed for time. They want to skim through your content to find the point they are search for. If your content doesn’t have subtitles, listings and highlighted points, it is not skim-able. The use of whitespaces will further make your content easy to read.

There are many other negative things that your web design Chula Vista may have such as an ugly design, requesting for too much information and ignoring mobile users. The key to success is to ensure that you keep up with the trends and work with a web designer who knows what he is doing.

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Web Design Chula Vista – SEO Tips for Your WordPress Website

Web design Chula Vista alone will not help you succeed in online marketing. You might have the most attractive web design but if your website is not optimized for search, the results you get will not be satisfying. This is why the first thing you need to do is invest more in search engine optimization. If you have a WordPress website, here are some important things you should consider doing.

Start with the content

SEO is an umbrella for all tactics, methods and processes that are used to increase the likelihood of a website appearing in organic search engine results. The best tool is content. You need to find the right keywords, create content that is relevant, engaging and good. Your web designer Chula Vista must also add relevant links in your content to give it more value.

Having great content is the key to guaranteeing repeat traffic. This is because visitors will come back to a website that offers great content. The search engine algorithm also has a way of determining how good, relevant and engaging content is. You also need to keep your content updated. Content you created two years ago will not do a lot in boosting your search engine rankings. You need fresh content. Setting up a blog and updating it at least once a week is the best way to keep your website relevant to both your target audience and search engines.

Fill the Meta descriptions

Not many people take the time to fill this area. The Meta description is basically a snippet that will appear below your website’s URL in search engine results. The snippet is what tells audiences if your post offers what they are looking for. WordPress makes it easy for you to add the snippet through the Meta description. Make sure your snippet is concise and enticing. Your snippet should not just contain your primary keywords but should market your post so that visitors are compelled to click on your link.

Don’t depend on the defaults

The default settings in WordPress will not be of great benefit. You need to ask your web designer Chula Vista to customize everything. You need to create categories for your content and customize the media settings.

Using these tips will certainly help you achieve better results in online marketing. The content you create must, however, be a top priority. You must also not forget to keep up with the trends in online marketing. What are your competitors doing?

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Web Design Chula Vista – Make Website Management Easier with these WordPress Plugins

When working on a web design Chula Vista, the goal of every web developer is to automate everything so as to cut down on maintenance needs. For example you don’t want reviews to be sent to your email so that you can post them on your website one by one. You want most of the things to be automated in order to achieve more with little involvement. In this article we shall be looking at the best WordPress plugins you can use to automate your website.

Dig Digg

If you want your content to get more shares, then this is a plugin you should consider. After you install and activate this plugin, you will get a slick share bar which will be located on the left hand side of your posts. The share-bar floats as the reader goes through your content. Readers can hence share your post at any time. You also have the option of fixing the share-bar at the bottom or top of your post. You should ask your web designer Chula Vista to add this plugin if you want to promote social shares.

Simple Reach

If you are a blogger, this is a plugin you should consider installing. It works by promoting your past posts. Readers will be presented with other related or valuable posts from your blog. This helps keep readers longer on your website. The plugin is a good choice because it encourages visitors to share your posts and stay on your website longer. Chances of your best posts being lost will be reduced.

W3 Total Cache

This is a great plugin to implement in your web design Chula Vista. It speeds up the load time of your website by up to 10 times. The plugin works by caching your website in order to reduce the load time when visitors come back to your website. Needless to say, visitors today want your page to load up in less than 2 seconds. If it takes longer, you will register a high bounce rate.

Facebook commenting plugin

There is nothing more discouraging than being forced to setup an account just so you can leave a comment. This WordPress plugin allows visitors to leave a comment with just their Facebook profiles. They don’t need to go through the hassle of setting up an account with your website.

Social metrics

If you want to track your social media shares then this is the plugin you should install and activate. The plugin allows you to filter results by category or date. You will be able to know where your posts stand in relation to the number of social media shares. This information can then be used to boost shares.

Plugins make work easier for you and add more functionality to your website. Prior to asking your web designer Chula Vista to add a plugin, always go through the reviews and details about the plugin. Make sure the plugin will do what you want.

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The Typical Web Design Process

Every web designer Chula Vista has his own unique process in web development. It is, however, good to note that most of the stages in the process are almost the same. If you are thinking of working with a web designer or designing your own website, here are the design steps you should expect.

Identify the purpose of the website

Work on web design Chula Vista cannot start until the web designer understands why the website is being created. Why is the website needed and who will be the target audience? Identifying a purpose helps set the goals which in turn streamline the whole web development process. Identifying the target audience will help with the design elements and guide you in content creation. For example, a website that targets seniors will be different from one that targets teenagers.

Plan the website

Once the purpose has been identified, the next step is to put everything down on paper. The design plan includes:

  • Details on information architecture
  • Planned structure of the website
  • Site map of the pages that will be designed and built
  • Technical details such as Ajax or scripts that will be used.

The next step is to do your design in a graphics program. Focus here is on the wireframes and layout of the web design Chula Vista. This is also the time to pick the color schemes for your website and also plan the theme for the website.

Create or gather the content

The content is the soul of your website. It is the reason people will be coming to your website. It includes text, images and multimedia. You need to get the content ahead of time. That way you will get more inspiration on how your website should look like.

  • Text: this can be blog posts, articles, reviews, lists, and anything you want to write about.
  • Graphics: You can use stock photos or take your own photos.
  • Multimedia: Although it is crucial, it can have negative impacts on your website if not used appropriately. Multimedia will also not be ideal for all audiences.

Build your site

This is the fun part when you start to build your website. If you are using a CMS like WordPress, you don’t have to learn a lot about HTML, CSS, CGI, PHP, database, or JavaScript. However, if you wish to create a professional website, you might want to work with an experienced web designer Chula Vista who can tailor everything to your needs.

Take your website live

At this point you already have a domain name and hosting service. The next step is to upload your website to your hosting provider. Once you launch your website you will need to market it so that your target audience can find it. SEO is something you cannot ignore in this step.

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How to Convert Your Website to HTML

If your web design Chula Vista was created using a website editor, there is a good chance your website is not in HTML. More often than not, most people decide that HTML is a better fit for their web pages. This is more so when they realize they cannot update their website as part of their HTML created website. But what should you do now? There is a way of converting your website to HTML.

How to get HTML from your web pages

If your website was created using software program, there is a way you can get to the HTML to change the pages. You do this by going to the HTML option which is built into the program. However, if you used an online tool, you may or may not have access to the HTML option. Most creation tools have the HTML option or the Source option. You can look for this or open the menu for the advanced tools to search for the HTML options.

Salvage the live website in HTML

If your hosting service does not offer an option for getting the HTML from your editor, you don’t need to discard your website or have to hire a web designer Chula Vista to redesign your website. There is still a way of salvaging the website.

Salvaging your web pages and turning them into something you can change using HTML is easy. The easiest way of doing this is opening your target page in a web browser. Once it is open right-click on it and select View Page Source. You can also find the view page source from the browser menu. If you are on Internet Explorer, you need to go to View menu then choose Source.

The HTML code of your page will open in a new browser tab or a text editor. Save the code to your computer if it opened in a text editor. Alternatively you can copy and paste the code into a text editor and save to your computer. It is also possible to right click on the code on your browser tab and select save or save as.

The main problem with this option is that once you save the page, the line breaks will be eliminated. Everything will run together when you open the code for editing. You can try copying individual lines of code from the browser tab onto a notepad. You copy using Control + C and paste with Control + V.

Working with the salvaged HTML site

Once you have copied the HTML code, the next step is to edit. Fix errors and then upload to your website using FTP client. You can also copy paste the edited code to the online text editor to add the code to your new website.

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