Why Your Business Website Might Be a Failure

Even after hiring the most experienced web designer Chula Vista, you might realize that your business website is not as successful as you thought it would be. In most cases this is caused by having too high expectations. You need to remember that it takes time for a website to excel. In most cases, however, business websites fail because of the following reasons.

No contact information

There are so many tools you can use for web design Chula Vista. This means you don’t have to hire expert help. The problem with using this option in web development is that you risk not adding vital parts on your website. One crucial page most people forget to add is the contact information page. This means visitors cannot contact them once they decide to do business with them. Yes your website may have a contact page but are the contact forms working? The contact page is a very important part of your website. In addition to that, you must add your physical address (if any) and your phone number at the bottom or top of every page. Doing so will make it easy for potential customers to contact you.

No email contact link

A recent study revealed that 74.7% of websites lack an email contact link on their home page. An estimated 65.7% of the websites had a form-fill option to allow customers to request information. All these make it hard for customers to email you. Yes you may have your phone number available on all pages but in most cases customers just want to send you an email. Your visitors expect you to have a professional email address. Make it available on your business website.

It’s hard for search engines to crawl your website

If search engines have no clue what your business is about it will not be indexed. This means your website will never show up in search engine results. It is estimated that 56% of live websites have no on-page keyword information. This means search engines cannot tell what a page is about. Your title and headlines must have your primary keywords in them. You must also add short and long tail keywords throughout your website.

Not optimized for mobile

This is a no brainer. If your website is not optimized for mobile it will cost you a lot. Over 60% of your visitors will be accessing your website on their mobile devices. If your website is not optimized for mobile visitors will simply click away. Only work with a web designer Chula Vista who offers mobile-friendly websites as a standard.

Other things that may be causing your website to fail include the lack of a social media presence, slow load speed, no conversion strategy, no SEO strategy, no content strategy, no blog, no calls-to-action and broken links and pages. This list is incomplete.

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