What Your Company Website Needs to Have

Are you considering a new web design Chula Vista for your company website? Why not start by compiling a list of the must-haves? It makes no sense to create an expensive website that never ends up bringing the traffic that you need. If you are getting ready to create your website, here are the top things that you need to include.

Strong domain name

The domain name is the address of your website. How easy it is to remember and type the domain name will determine the overall success of your website. Therefore, as you purchase a domain name you need to always pick one that is short, memorable, and easy to type. The .com addresses are the best because intuitively visitors will type .com. As much as a .org seems like the best option, make sure you also get a .com version. Your web designer Chula Vista can help register your company address in different prefixes.


Having a flashy website is good but you always need to make sure that the website is readable. Don’t use too many popups or colors that make it hard for visitors to read your content. You also need to make use of whitespaces, use headings and subheadings and also highlight the most important points on your website. Considering most people hate to read, you should make your content scan-able. You can do this by making use of lists.

Easy to navigate

Even as you try to create a masterpiece, you must never veer too much off course. Your website should not be too different from the other websites out there. For example, visitors expect the search tool to be on the top right part of your page. Don’t place it at a random place that will cause visitors to waste time searching for it.

Fast loading

If your website takes long to load it will definitely cost you a lot of valuable customers. Visitors expect your web pages to load up in less than 3 seconds. Your web designer Chula Vista will be able to remove the clutter from your website so that it loads faster.

Search engine optimization

You will never get the exposure you need unless you invest in search engine optimization. Most people will find your website through search engines. Make sure you have a good ranking.

Other important things you should do is to ensure your website has a clear brand identity, good online reputation, great website security, social media integration and mobile friendliness. You also need to keep up with the trends in order to create a great website.  

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