What Makes WordPress a Great CMS?

If you are thinking of creating a new web design Chula Vista, you probably have already thought about using WordPress. This is one of the most popular Content Management System in the world powering more than 33% of the live websites. But why is it a great CMS for your website? What are the benefits you stand to gain from using it?

Its open source

This is the grand benefit of using WordPress in web development. Unlike proprietary CMSs that you have to pay to use, WordPress is free of charge. It does not cost you anything to download, install and customize the WordPress software. The source code of WordPress is available to anyone that wants to tweak or study it. This is without doubt the main reason why your web designer Chula Vista will recommend WordPress.

Massive community

This is another great benefit that makes WordPress the ultimate CMS. Being a popular blogging as well as CMS platform, WordPress has the largest and the most active community out there. The community is useful if you are ever stuck on custom development. The WordPress Codex further lets you search for answers to virtually any question you might have about the platform. The WordPress Development Stack Exchange is yet another great forum both administrators and developers can use to ask questions or give answers.

Easy to use

You don’t need any advanced coding skills to use WordPress. It is a straightforward Content Management System. It is preferred because it makes it easy to understand for the non-technical users. The learning curve is low and setting up is even easier. WordPress will do all the heavy lifting by updating the software and plugins regularly and free of charge. This is what makes WordPress a great choice for web development if you don’t have the budget to work with a web designer Chula Vista.

It is SEO friendly

WordPress uses a high quality source code as well as semantic markup. These make it search engine friendly. What is more is that when creating your website on WordPress, it will be optimized for mobile. There are also plugins available to help you boost your SEO power. Top on the list is the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

Whether you are creating a blog or working on a company website, WordPress will give you everything you need to create something amazing. It is, however, good to work with an experienced web designer when creating a professional website even on WordPress.  

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