What is Page Speed and What Impact Does it Have?

Creating a website calls for more than just crafting an amazing web design Chula Vista. There are so many backend things to worry about. Top on the list is the page speed. Did you know that search engines such as Google and Bing are committed to making the web faster and that websites that don’t load fast are not given priority in ranking?

What is page speed?
Page speed is defined as the measurement of how fast the content on a web page loads. This is according to Moz; a search engine optimization software provider. The best thing is that you can track your page’s speed using tools like Google Analytics and Moz. A tool like PageSpeed Insights provided by Google will also help. With the report you get from the speed test, you can ask your web designer Chula Vista to refine your website so that it performs better.

Why you need to care about page speed?
How fast your web pages take to load up matters a lot. 5 seconds delay can cost you a lot of valuable business. Below are the negative impacts a slow page speed can have on your website.

  • User experience

The first fact you need to understand is that 47% of consumers expect that your web page loads up within 2 seconds or less. 40% of visitors will actually abandon your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load up. 1 second in page response can lead to 7% reduction in conversions. If your page takes long to load or navigate, customers will assume that that is a representation of the quality of services that your company offers.

Lead generation/conversion
A web page that loads at sub-optimal rate causes visitors to abandon it. When your page is abandoned, visitors will not complete the conversion action. Nobody wants to fill a form that takes forever to load up. Needless to say, high page abandon rate will be considered as a bounce rate and that will affect your search engine ranking badly.

The mission of Google is to make it easy for consumers to access online content. If your page is being abandoned, Google will no longer continue to show your page in the first pages of search results. As it was confirmed in July 2018, page speed will become a major ranking factor in mobile searches.

Brand reputation
Slow load speeds will further impact your brand reputation negatively. 1 second delay can cost you up to 40% of your website visitors. This is more so if this is the first encounter a user has with your brand. When visitors leave because your website takes long to load, they will most likely not come back.

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