What Determines How Usable a Website Is?

Website usability depends mostly on how intuitive your web design Chula Vista is. Both design and development process are focused within a user’s perspective. The aim is to achieve an easy to use website. Achieving this goal may not be easy. The following are the important aspects of a highly usable website.

Relevant videos and images in high quality

Statistics show that 94% of people would love to view images and watch videos of something in a website instead of reading. As a web designer Chula Vista it is your duty to ensure you add relevant content to your website. Adding pictures and videos will increase the visual appearance of a web page.

Good navigation

In terms of usability, good navigation is one of the key things that determine whether your website is good. Even though you have the best website, it will be useless if the user finds it hard to navigate. If your website is hard to navigate you will lose potential clients.

When developing navigation for your website, think of how users will navigate through. Keep in mind the users’ expectations and create a predictable navigation structure. Web elements should be placed where users expect to find them.

Recognizable design patterns.

Design patterns are a web designer Chula Vista best friend. When designing your site, you have to bare it in mind that users’ spend most of their time on other websites. Every time they learn how something new works they expect to find the same on your website. By using this recognizable design patterns, you can make the work of the user easier by reducing the learning curve. Adhering to design patterns will make it easier for visitors to browse your website. Don’t veer too far off the norm.

Strong visual hierarchy

The better visual hierarchy you create the easier your content will be understood by the user. When creating the content, it is good to organize the content in a grid format. This helps present your work to users in a manner that makes it easy for them to understand.

Cut out the noise

Cluttering a user’s interface overloads your user with too much information. Every added button, image and lines of text makes the users screen look more complicated. Cutting out the clutter helps the primary message be easily understood. It will help reduce the cognitive load times of users and make it easier to pass the message through.

These simple considerations will help build a better web design Chula Vista that is user-focused. Regardless of how unique you want to be make sure you stick to the norm.

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