Web Design Usability Psychology You Should Understand

As you work on a web design Chula Vista you should not focus on creating a website you will love but one your target audiences will appreciate. That is why one of the first things you need to do as a web designer is to learn more about the psychology behind usability. There are a number of things you will have to understand.


This is the psychology that describes the tendency of web visitors to stick to the first design they learn and judge other web designs by their similarity to the first design. What this means is that visitors prefer systems that are similar to the ones they have learned on and dislike those that are new to them. With this information in mind, a web designer Chula Vista should adhere to the standards in web design. For example, the search tool is always located at the top of the web page and the website’s logo at the top left corner. As much as being unique is important you should not veer too much from the accepted norm.


The one thing you will notice about internet users, yourself included, is that people tend to ignore things that look like advertisements. They do so without even thinking about it. While your website is the beacon of your business you must refrain from focusing too much on promoting your products as doing so will only lead to a high bounce rate. Your content should add value to the lives of your target audience. You also need to avoid large colorful or animated banners as these are easily perceived as advertisements.


Cliffhanger-effects are based on the fact that articles, plots and movies have an abrupt ending with sudden shock revelation or difficult situations. This effect works well in advertisements. It will not cut it for your website. When visitors come to your website they are looking for answers and if you don’t answer them right away they will click away. The best time to use the cliffhanger-effect as a web designer Chula Vista is when you want visitors to take action to learn more. For example you can use this effect to compel them to click on your CTA.

There are several more usability psychologies you can use but the aforementioned ones will help you get started in the right direction as you work on your web design Chula Vista. The rule of thumb is to always put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. What would you want to see?

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