Web Design Usability Checkpoints for 2020

Working on a web design Chula Vista is no longer as difficult as it used to be. You no longer have to code everything you want to sell on your website. The myriad website builders make it easy for you to create a website at times without writing a single line of code. Even so, for you to create a remarkable website you must always follow a number of rules. Here are the key usability checkpoints you need to start using come 2020.

Don’t use popups

As much as popups are hard to ignore and seem to be quite effective when you want visitors to take action, you must avoid them as a web designer Chula Vista. The reason for this is because popups only succeed at interrupting a visitor’s browsing session and they can irritate a visitor to the extent of forcing them to leave your website. You have to respect your visitors by ensuring you don’t disrupt them. Best way of doing this is dealing away with popups.

Don’t change the user’s window size

If your font is too small or your web elements are too big you will force your visitors to keep zooming in or out in order to consume your content. This will irritate them and they will leave without taking action. The rule of thumb is not to dictate what your user’s software should be configured. Having a responsive Chula Vista web design will also come in handy when catering to mobile users.

Don’t add unclear link text

Links on your website are very important more so when it comes to search engine optimization. This does not, however, mean that you use unclear link texts. Your links need to be precise and should lead visitors to a described destination. If you mislead your visitors they will lose their trust in you. Always avoid the use of ambiguous link descriptions.

Don’t have dead links

One of your duties as a web designer Chula Vista is to find the dead links and get rid of them. There is nothing more frustrating to a visitor than clicking on a link only to be directed to a ‘Page not found’. You have to keep testing your links to ensure they work as they should. Dead ends will cost you visitors.

Limit animations per page to one

Too many animations on a web designer Chula Vista will be a distraction. This is more so when it comes to blinking images. Such animations make it hard for a visitor to focus. You must also not use auto play media. Let visitors choose whether to play your media or not.

These key things will help build a better website that thrives in 2020. To make sure your efforts don’t go to waste make it easy for visitors to contact you. Add your contact information on every page.

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