Web Design Trends You Need to be Careful With

As a web designer Chula Vista, it is your job to create a website that is modern. Keeping the website modern usually means you keep up with the trends. The problem is that you cannot embrace all the trends. What is more is that not all trends will work for your type of website. You have to be very careful before choosing a design option. In this post, we shall be taking a quick look at the top trends you need to be very careful with.

Scrolling single page website
About five years ago, the continuous scrolling single page website design gained popularity. These designs serve a purpose which improves the user experience by guiding users through a well-crafted story. However, this trend has a downside. It will not benefit your search engine rankings if you want to rank well organically. For a B2B website, you need to incorporate multiple pages and hierarchies in your layout. This is crucial for website that offers various types of services. Ideally, you should consider creating a dedicated page for each unique service.

Background videos
This is another popular trend in web design Chula Vista. This is where the background videos play behind messaging. This is a very cool practice even for a B2B website. It can be used to emphasize a message that is overlaid on it. On the flip side, the use of too many videos can cause your website to take long to load. Needless to say, a website that takes long to load will lead to a poor user experience and this will be a foe of web design. It will also impact SEO negatively.

Pop-up CTAs
Pop-up calls-to-action are hard to miss. They are, however a nuisance. They have to be done properly for them to benefit you. Don’t overuse the pop-up CTAs as they will ruin the whole user experience. The pop-up CTAs you use should not be intrusive.

Short form content
Your visitors have very little time to spare. This is why you need to keep your content as concise as possible. Concise content and forms are very great for a great user experience. However, the content should not be too short as it will hinder the ability of your website to rank for certain keywords. Short-form content is great but should be long enough to explain a topic. It is okay to include space for long-form content on your website.

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