Web Design Standards You Should Consider

A web designer Chula Vista will think about web design standards before he starts working on any website. This is because the standards determine how effective your website will be. These are set rules that web designers follow in order to align with the expectations of their visitors. The standards offer clarity and usability. In this article, we shall be focusing on the top web design standards you should be using in web development.

Logo in top left
With almost 100% of the websites you will find, the logo is located in the top left side of the web pages. This is where visitors expect to find the logo. To get better results in web design Chula Vista, you should make the logo clickable. Upon clicking on the logo, visitors should be directed to the home page or About Us page.

Contacts in the top right
Another standard is that of having the contacts in the top right side of the website. Approximately 44% of the websites you will find will have the contact button or the link to the contact page located in the top right corner of every page. Visitors expect to find this button here because it is common practice for the contact button or the contact link to be located here. It makes your website intuitive.

Main navigation falls across the top
With 88% of the websites, you will find the main navigation in the header. This is at the top of every page. It makes horizontal top-level navigation a standard in web design Chula Vista.

Home page slideshow
The use of images and videos on a website has become more popular. As a result, new changes have been seen in the web design. Today, about 32% of the live websites have a home page slideshow. This is also referred to as the carousel. It includes a rotating series of messages and images. You should consider adding this to your website in order to grab the attention of your visitors and direct them to the core values of your company.

Value proposition high up on a home page
As web designer Chula Vista, you probably know that you only have a few seconds to impress new customers and compel them to take action. This is why on 80% of the websites you will find, there is explicit value proposition high on the home page. Websites normally explain their value to the visitors above the fold.

There are many more web design standards. You need to keep researching and use the most common standards. Keeping up with the web development trends is the key to staying ahead of the curve.

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