Web Design Chula Vista – Tips to Help Boost the Load Speed of a WordPress Website

Web design Chula Vista has to be done with load speed in mind. Not many people will be willing to wait for more than 10 seconds for a page to load up. If it takes longer for a page to load, visitors will click away from your site and this will be registered as a bounce rate. Needless to say, high bounce rates will impact your search engine ranking negatively. If load speed is the main challenge that you are having, there are a number of things you can do to make your WordPress website load faster.

Reduce the number of plugins
Plugins offer a great way for you to add function to your website. The problem is that too many plugins will cause your website to be sluggish. The reason for this is the fact that when loading a page, a request has to be made for every plugin that has been installed. As a web designer Chula Vista, you should consider coding the functions that you need instead of installing plugin. This will help reduce the load time of your website. It is also good to remove the disabled plugins on your website.

Pick a good hosting company
Did you know that your hosting company might be the one impacting your website’s load time? For example, if you are using shared hosting, you will be sharing the bandwidth with other websites. The problem with this is that if one of the websites in the shared package is more active, it will take up most of the bandwidth thus causing other websites to be slower. Dedicated hosting is the best hosting plan to use if you don’t want to deal with slow load speeds. The hosting company you select must also have a good reputation for its uptime. You should also focus on choosing hosting companies that offer WordPress hosting.

Use caching plugins
These plugins will help slice the load speed of your pages by half. One of the most popular plugins used is the W3 Total Cache. These plugins are easy to setup and use. Thanks to browser caching, these plugins will help reduce the load time significantly.

Optimize images
The images on your website will determine how long it takes for your page to load. The proper image size for a web design Chula Vista should be between 30 and 100KBs. It should also have a high resolution so as not to compromise on quality. You should also refrain from adding too many images on your website.

Optimize your database
If yours is a large website that has a database, you must consider optimizing the database. Start by deleting the old post reviews, remove unwanted plugins and use plugins like the WP-DB Manager to get rid of the data that is no longer needed.

These simple tips will help boost the load speed of your website. However, if you don’t really know what needs to be done, leave the work to an expert web designer Chula Vista. The last thing you want is to take actions that cause your website to crush.

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