Web Design Chula Vista – Questions You Must Answer Before Selecting a WordPress Hosting Company

Long before you start working on a web design Chula Vista, it is imperative that you select a reliable hosting company. Needless to say, who you choose for your hosting needs will impact the overall performance of your website. The last thing you want is to have the perfect website that is limited by the hosting company. In this post, we will be looking at the top questions you need to answer in order to find the perfect hosting company.

Does the company offer WordPress specific hosting plans?
When you are using WordPress, you need a service that is tailored for that platform. This is why you need to find a hosting company that offers hosting for WordPress. This is a question you, as a web designer Chula Vista, should ask right off the bat. If no WordPress specific hosting plan is available, you will not get the proper support that you need. If they have a hosting plan, get to know how they differ from other hosting companies. You need a company that will host your WordPress website on a server that has been fine tuned for optimal speed and performance. Be wary of companies that host WordPress just to make money.

Are there WordPress experts on their staff?
Having WordPress experts on their team means they will be able to fix issues that may arise quickly. Experienced staffs will also anticipate issues and offer guidance using the right settings for optimal speed and uptime.

How do you contact the support team?
When your website goes down due to hosting issues, you need to get the issues fixed immediately. That will not be possible if the hosting company has poor communication channels. The last thing you want is to only be able to contact the hosting company via online chat. The right company will offer more communication channels such as email and phone call. The sooner you contact them the sooner your issue will be resolved.

What version of PHP do they use?
PHP is the scripted language used on the server-side web development. It is also used to run web servers. The right hosting company should run the latest PHP version. Having the latest version of PHP means your WordPress website will be compatible with their server and there will be optimal performance.

Do they offer caching systems?
Caching systems will significantly improve the speed of your website by reducing or even eliminating PHP and MySQL queries on every page load. Caching systems like Varnish are more reliable than caching plugins.

These are the top questions you need to ask. Your web designer Chula Vista will let you know which other things you need to look at before selecting a hosting company for a WordPress website. The rule of thumb is to pick a company that offers plans for WordPress websites.

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