Web Design Chula Vista – How to Create Great Calls to Action

Your web design Chula Vista must leave room for calls-to-action (CTA). The CTA is what increases conversion by telling visitors what is in it for them. Without a CTA, you may have lots of traffic but no conversion. But how do you create great CTAs? This is the question this article is here to answer.

Clear and direct
The first thing you need to do is make sure your calls-to-action is clear and direct. You must never mince words in the CTA or overthink it. You need to be upfront. The slightest confusion will be counterproductive. As you work on your CTAs, you need to get feedback from other departments, customer service and from your sales team. They will help trim your language so that it is more direct. Some examples of a clear and direct CTA include the following:

  • Contact Us Now
  • Click Here
  • Request a quote
  • Get pricing

The CTA needs to be short and state an action. Your web designer Chula Vista will then make it standout by using a color and font that stands out.

As much as being direct is important, your CTA must be used in a timely manner. You have to think of marketing as dating. You cannot ask someone to marry you without going on a first date. Prior to adding the CTA, you need to win the trust of your target audience. Let them know what you can do for them and why it is a great idea to use your products or services. Testimonials and reviews from recent clients can help win the trust of visitors. The CTA you add should also be appropriate. At the end of a blog you don’t want to add a BUY NOW CTA. The most appropriate CTA here is ‘View other articles’ or ‘download our digital guides’. When used at the right time, a CTA will help establish a strong and lasting relationship with your prospects.

Needs based
Yes you want a visitor to perform a certain action. The issue is that that is a bit mean. A great CTA includes a needs-based directive. Your CTA should tell the visitor what is in it for them. Don’t be selfish. Instead of saying DOWNLOAD OUR PRICING, say SEE PRICING OPTIONS. The goal is to keep your prospects needs first. Make them feel you are there to meet their unique needs and not to satisfy your needs.

This will help create a better CTA that boosts your website’s conversion. Don’t forget to keep your CTA unique. Avoid the clichés. Be creative with your CTAs.

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