Web Design Chula Vista – How Long Should a Web Page Be?

One of the hardest decisions to make in web design Chula Vista is that on how long a web page should be. Most people know how wide a page needs to be but not how long it should be. Conventional wisdom says a page shouldn’t be longer than one screen-full of text since readers hate scrolling. But how big is the standard screen? What happens to mobile users?

Scrolling is not the only that that hides information

The biggest argument on creating pages that are too long is that they hide information that falls ‘below the fold’. Argument is that most readers seldom scroll. All in all, splitting a long page into multiple pages also hides the content. Studies show that multiple page articles record a drop off of about 50% for each page after the first one. What this means is that if 100 people read the first page, only 50 will read the second page and just 25 will get to the third page. This means if your article was split into 4 pages the fourth page may never get any readers. With this in mind, what should a web designer Chula Vista do?

The best solution is to use visual cues to tell visitors how long a page is. As they scroll, they should be able to see their progress. This is much better than using links to subsequent pages. Links never tell readers how far they are to the end. What is more is that asking your readers to click on a link is asking from them too much. When all the information is on the same page, visitors can scan it and find what they are looking for.

Scrolling can be blocked

When you have a long web page, you must ensure there are no scroll blockers. These are page elements that make readers think the page is over. They include the following:

  • Lines of text links
  • Horizontal lines
  • Short, wide graphics
  • Navigation icons
  • Social media links

As a web designer Chula Vista, you must understand that anything that looks like a horizontal line will make the readers think that they have gotten to the end of the page.

Make page easy to scan

The best thing you can do when creating a long web page is to make it easy to scan. This means making use of headings, subheadings and listings. You should also highlight the important points on your page.

As much as you have to create a long page, you should refrain from creating pages that are more than two printed pages of double-spaces, 12 point text. Remember that your audiences have a short attention span. Get to the point right away.

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