Web Design Chula Vista – Common Usability Mistakes in Web Design

Web design Chula Vista has never been easier than it is today. There are so many web design firms you can hire as well as countless web development tools you can use to create your own website even with no coding skills. The problem is not everyone that sets out to create a website ends up with something that actually works. The main reason for this failure is the mistakes people make especially when it comes to usability. Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes you need to avoid.

Tiny clickable areas

Hyperlinks are designed to be clicked. This means they have to be usable on both desktop computers and mobile devices. The mistake web designers Chula Vista make is that of creating hyperlinks that are too small to click. Such links are hard to miss and at times hard to click especially on mobile devices. Having large clickable areas make it easier to hover the mouse cursor over the link. For the best results you need to either increase the padding around the link or simply make the link bigger. You must also not place two separate clickable hyperlinks together. Clicking the wrong link might cause a visitor to think your website is full of spam links.

Content that is difficult to scan

Not many people take the time to read every word on your page. Internet users are impatient and often scan through the content until they find what they are looking for. Failing to use subheadings and highlighting the important points makes it easier for visitors to miss the important points. Make your content easy to scan if you want to funnel more visitors in.

No contact information

It is not uncommon to go through an interesting post only to have no way to contact the publisher. This is a pretty common mistake in web design Chula Vista. Most websites only have the contact information on the contact page. That is not enough. Your contact information should be at the top or bottom of each of your web pages. Visitors should be able to contact you easily whenever they want to.

No way to search

To save time some visitors opt to search the website using a search tool. The problem is that most websites lack a working search tool. This can keep you from winning a new client.

Old links pointing nowhere

Links are important because they help visitors to find more information and move between your posts. But what happens when your links are old and don’t lead anywhere? Such links will cause you to lose the trust of visitors. Always go through your links and make sure they direct where they are meant to.

Long registration forms

Last but not least, long registration forms require too much from the visitor. Not many people will take the time to fill these forms. The same goes for a long checkout. Don’t demand too much from your visitors else you will lose them.

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