Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Easy Content Management

Web design Chula Vista is made easy by content management systems like WordPress. The best thing about the CMS is that you don’t even have to learn programming to create your first website. Almost everything is done for you so that you can bring your dream to life from the comfort of your own home. When using WordPress, there are a number of plugins you should consider using in order to make content management easier.

TinyMCE Advanced
The default text editor provided by WordPress makes content publishing very easy. You can actually post your content with no prior knowledge of HTML and CSS. This is because the text editor works like your normal text processing software such as Microsoft Word. However, if you are a web designer Chula Vista and need to add advanced formatting, the default text editor might not be enough. This is where the TinyMCE Advanced comes in. It provides more options to the default content editor so that editing is much easier.

HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter
With some WordPress themes, the only way to edit the content is to edit the HTML. The problem is that the default HTML editor is very plain and bland looking. It makes it hard for you to read as well as determine where the error is. This is where the HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter excels. This plugin will highlight the errors so that you are able to code much faster. If you have used Dreamweaver, you will notice that the HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter works the same.

Admin Post Navigation
When editing your posts, you have to keep going back to the ‘All Posts’ in order to select the next post to work on. This will not be the case when using the Admin Post Navigation. The plugin adds a feature that helps you move from one post to another or back without wasting time. It adds the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ post button thus simplifying navigation. You will no longer have to go back to the main list of posts or pages when editing.

Simple Page Ordering
The best thing about this plugin is that it will enable you to order pages and other hierarchical posts types with a drag and drop option. This plugin is very handy when working on several pages. It makes the reordering of the pages a breeze thanks to its drag and drop interface.

Better Internal Link Search
The default WordPress internal search is good but not foolproof. This is where the Better Internal Link Search plugin takes over. This plugin fixes most of the errors seen in the default WordPress internal search. It makes the search for content easier and faster.

These are the key plugins you should consider when working on a web design Chula Vista. There are more plugins you can use but always make sure you read the reviews and ratings before installing.

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