Things that cause high bounce rates on a website

A poor web design Chula Vista can cause a high bounce rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of people that come to your website and leave after viewing only one page on your site. It is important to note that a high bounce rate does not automatically indicate a problem. The problem comes when they land, bounce and don’t convert. In this article you will find a couple of reasons why your website can have a high bounce rate and how to fix it.

Slow to load page

Your website should load nearly instantly and anything longer than two seconds is far too long as far as the internet is concerned. This will make your visitors fed up and leave the site. As a web designer Chula Vista, you need to use platforms that help you on your websites speed. Google search can also help you with the speed incites and advice on how to make your site blazingly fast. A faster loading site is a lifelong journey that can deliver more traffic and conversions.

Self-sufficient content

People generally visit website to learn more about specific subjects they are interested in. keeping your blog fresh and with the right content will always yield the best. The information they want should be located in sections that are appropriate and easy to find. If your content does not speak to your audience’s needs, they will hence find a competing site that has the information they need. The content on your web design Chula Vista should effectively answer and alleviate your visitors concerns. This will make them spend a couple of more minutes on the page sending a positive signal to Google and increasing chances of them doing business with you.

Technical error

If your bounce rate is exceptionally high, it could be that visitors are hitting a road block that is associated with a technical error. This could be brought about by a JavaScript malfunctioning or a plugin went down making a page blank. This will cause the page not to load properly. In this case, the web designer Chula Vista needs to correct the errors immediately else Google will drop your page from the search results.

Attract the right visitors

Always attract the right visitors by giving them what they expected. Higher bounce comes along when you are getting the wrong website visitors. To get the right visitors that will lead to our sales increase, you have to improve your content strategy. You have to drive the right traffic to your landing page. The value of the right audience cannot be over emphasized.

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