The Typical Web Design Process

Every web designer Chula Vista has his own unique process in web development. It is, however, good to note that most of the stages in the process are almost the same. If you are thinking of working with a web designer or designing your own website, here are the design steps you should expect.

Identify the purpose of the website

Work on web design Chula Vista cannot start until the web designer understands why the website is being created. Why is the website needed and who will be the target audience? Identifying a purpose helps set the goals which in turn streamline the whole web development process. Identifying the target audience will help with the design elements and guide you in content creation. For example, a website that targets seniors will be different from one that targets teenagers.

Plan the website

Once the purpose has been identified, the next step is to put everything down on paper. The design plan includes:

  • Details on information architecture
  • Planned structure of the website
  • Site map of the pages that will be designed and built
  • Technical details such as Ajax or scripts that will be used.

The next step is to do your design in a graphics program. Focus here is on the wireframes and layout of the web design Chula Vista. This is also the time to pick the color schemes for your website and also plan the theme for the website.

Create or gather the content

The content is the soul of your website. It is the reason people will be coming to your website. It includes text, images and multimedia. You need to get the content ahead of time. That way you will get more inspiration on how your website should look like.

  • Text: this can be blog posts, articles, reviews, lists, and anything you want to write about.
  • Graphics: You can use stock photos or take your own photos.
  • Multimedia: Although it is crucial, it can have negative impacts on your website if not used appropriately. Multimedia will also not be ideal for all audiences.

Build your site

This is the fun part when you start to build your website. If you are using a CMS like WordPress, you don’t have to learn a lot about HTML, CSS, CGI, PHP, database, or JavaScript. However, if you wish to create a professional website, you might want to work with an experienced web designer Chula Vista who can tailor everything to your needs.

Take your website live

At this point you already have a domain name and hosting service. The next step is to upload your website to your hosting provider. Once you launch your website you will need to market it so that your target audience can find it. SEO is something you cannot ignore in this step.

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