Statistics to Keep in Mind When Creating a New Website

In web design Chula Vista, it is important to consider the stats. Statistics will help you understand what is more important and what you can leave out. In this post, we will be looking at the top stats you need to consider when working on a new website.

User experience
You should give user experience top priority. You should do the same. According to a research by Econsultancy, 47% of visitors expect a web page to load in less than 2 seconds. The load speed of your pages must always be a top priority. The good news is that an experienced web designer Chula Vista can help decrease the load time of your website by doing things like proper image sizing, caching and minimal coding.

Still on user experience, Adobe found that 39% of visitors will stop engaging with your website if the images don’t load or take long to load. Needless to say, images taking long to load will further cause your website to take long to load up. A knowledgeable design agency will help select the right balance of images, layouts, texts and other elements to guarantee your website is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Top reason why visitors give up on content or switch devices is because:

  • Images wont load: 46% switch devices whereas 39% stop engaging
  • Page takes long to load: 44% switch devices whereas 39% close the website
  • Content is too long: 30% will switch devices and 38% will close the website.
  • Content is unattractive in its imagery or layout: 35% will switch devices and 38% will close the website.

The above are stats provided by Adobe. User experience is the most important consideration to make in web design Chula Vista. This is irrespective of the quality of content you offer.

Web design and content
47% of visitors will open the products or services page before viewing any other section of your website. With that in mind, your products or services page must be a top priority in web development.

  • 86% of your visitors want to see information on the products or services
  • 65% want to see your contact information
  • 52% want to see the ‘about us’ information

You have to keep these stats in mind when building a website. Focus on the content that really matters and spend less time with press releases and executive officer profiles.

Mobile friendly design
According to a Google research, 75% of visitors prefer websites that are mobile friendly. 50% of the respondents reported they were frustrated with websites that did not have a mobile friendly design.

With this information in mind, you will be able to create a better website. It is also important to remember that your website’s credibility is 75% based on the overall aesthetics of your website and first impressions are 94% design related according to ResearchGate.

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