Skills Your Web Designer Must Have

Hiring a web designer Chula Vista is never easy. There are so many web design companies out there and not every team has what it takes to create for you a remarkable website. The best thing you can do when hiring a designer is to check his skills and the services he can offer. Here are the main skills that a web designer must have.

Advanced coding skills

The expert you hire for your web design Chula Vista must have advanced skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ajax, PHP, Java, ASP, Perl and C++. Having these skills will mean the designer will be able to code any function into you website instead of clogging your site with plugins. Even when using templates you will still need a web designer who has advanced coding skills. These will come in handy when customizing the template and adding new functionalities.

Design sense

This is another very important thing you need to consider in a web designer. Having advanced coding skills is not enough. For a web designer to be good at what he does he must have a great sense of design. There is more to web design than just knowing the colors that go well together. Your designer must be knowledgeable of design elements and basic design principles as well as typography best practices, how to effectively use images, layout principles and more. Always take a look at the websites he previously created. They will give you an idea on his design sense.

Mobile support

Your web designer Chula Vista should be able to offer mobile support. It is impossible to succeed online if you don’t optimize your website for mobile. This is because the majority of visitors you get will be using mobile devices. What is more is that search engines giving ranking priority to websites that are mobile friendly. Your web designer should not only create for you a website that is responsive but also develop mobile application more so those that interface with websites. He should help create a remarkable mobile-centric world.


Search engine optimization is inevitable. It all starts with your web design Chula Vista. Your web designer should make sure your website’s code is optimized for search. He should then take time to help you get quality inbound and outbound links. He should also ensure your website loads fast. When hiring a web designer you need to take a look at the SEO services he offers.

Other crucial services to look for include web server administration, project management and SQL. The idea is to hire a web designer who offers everything you need to build and run your website under one roof.

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