SEO Tips that Will Help Improve Your Ranking

As you plan your web design Chula Vista, you certainly want to create a website that brings in new leads. That will not be possible if your website has poor ranking. If your website does not show up in the first page of search engine results, you will not get as many leads as you would want. The good news is that there are a couple of things you can do to improve your ranking.

Claim Google My Business Listing

The Google My Business listing is the best place to provide information to potential customers. The information you provide here needs to be current and accurate. Make use of all the features available including the Q&A. Although Google is the most widely used search engine, you need to promote yourself on other search engines too. To make sure you are covering all bases, you need to provide your business information on Bing and Yahoo. An experienced web designer Chula Vista will use a main keyword as part of your business name.

Build local citations

The local citations are a major ranking factor. The citation is an online mention of the NAP for the local business. Local citations can be built on business directories, websites, social media platforms and apps. You can start with Yelp, The Pool Directory, HomeAdvisor and the Yellow Pages. Any industry association directory will be perfect.

Request customers to review your business

There is no harm in asking your past and current customers to review your business on their preferred review sites. You can send an email to past loyal customers and let them know you would appreciate a review. Don’t forget about your social media followers. Ask them to review your business. Always ask a happy customer to review your business. When a review is left on any of your posts, you should respond as soon as possible regardless of whether the review was positive or negative.

Create high quality content

The best way to capture your visitors is to create valuable content for your website and blog. Search engines will consider the quality of your content before deciding where to rank you. If your content has many reviews, it is considered to be of great quality. How fresh the content is also determines where you get ranked.

Invest in social media

Your web designer Chula Vista will recommend that you invest in social media marketing. You should have business pages on all major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Fill as many details on your social media pages as you can. You should also keep these pages active by sharing links to your new offerings and encouraging your followers to share your posts.

Doing these things will definitely boost your search engine ranking and increase leads. Don’t be afraid to get expert help from a reputable online marketing company if you are ever stuck.

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