Rules You Should Follow When Working on a Web Design

Your web design Chula Vista has the power to bring in more business or push potential customers away. It all depends on how good your web layout is. More often than not, web designers make the mistake of building a website that they want rather than building one that their audiences will love. Your customers always come first. That is the first rule you should remember in web development. Here are more rules you need to follow.

Answers ‘who I am, what I do and what can your visitors do?’
When working on your web design Chula Vista, you need to have answers to two or all the aforementioned questions. Once new visitors land on your web page, they will want answers to these questions. If you are not able to answer them from the homepage, you will lose them. Don’t assume everyone knows what your business is all about. Give that information on your homepage.

Designs resonates with the target audience
Another important thing you will have to do is to think about your clients and their expectation of you. As aforementioned, this is not a rule you can afford to ignore. Your web content must be narrowly focused. They need to speak to the right people and in their language. If your audiences don’t feel like they belong on your website, they will simply click away or fail to buy into what you are selling.

Compelling value proposition
Think of the five second rule. It takes a visitor only 5 seconds to determine whether your website offers what he needs or not. To avoid high bounce rates, you must offer a compelling value proposition. The first impression that your web design and content creates should compel visitors to stick around. Avoid beating about the bush. Get right to the point. You also need to focus on creating a web design Chula Vista that is easy to navigate.

Optimize for multiple devices
It is imperative that you don’t only focus on the desktop users. More than 60% of the traffic you will get will come from mobile devices. Make sure you create a website that has a responsive design. It should load perfectly on all devices regardless of the screen size. Take time to test cross-browser compatibility too.

Last but not least, you have to let your visitors know what you expect from them. Do you need them to sign up for your newsletter or to place an order? What you need your visitors to do is your call-to-action. Make it as flashy as possible.

There is a lot more that ought to be done when designing a website. You also have to bear in mind that web designs keep on changing and you cannot do without search engine optimization. You can’t forget about the social media either.

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