Rules for Designing a Search Box for Your Website

As you work on your web design Chula Vista, you have to remember that some users will come to your website searching for one particular item. These types of users don’t want to use the navigation options. They simply want to find what they came for and leave. This is why your website should have a search box. The search box has to be well indexed so that visitors can submit a query and get the result they need. The following rules will help create a better search box.

Place the search box where visitors expect to find it

When visiting a website, users expect to find certain elements in certain locations. Even if as a web designer Chula Vista you want to break from the norm, you cannot afford to do so with certain web elements. This is more so when it comes to the search box. For starters, visitors expect to find the search box at the very top part of your web pages. According to a study by A. Dawn Shaikh and Keisi Lenz, users expect the search box to be located on the top right side of a web page. For the best results, you need to locate your search box in the top right side.

Display the search box prominently on content-rich websites

If your website features a lot of content, you have to add a search box. The search box must also be displayed prominently on your website. This means visitors should be able to find the search on any page. Don’t just add the search box on the homepage.

Size the input box appropriately

A common mistake you don’t want to make as a web designer Chula Vista is that of making the input field too short. Yes users can type a long query into the short field but they will only be able to see portions of their text. This can be problematic when they want to edit their query. When the input field is too short, users are often forced to use short and imprecise queries that never return the results they want. The recommended size of the input field is 27-character input field.

A well designed search box will reduce bounce rate because visitors will be able to find exactly what they are looking for without having to navigate the website. Your biggest job is to make sure that the search box you add to your web design Chula Vista works as it should. It has to be well indexed so that it returns the results that users search for. If it doesn’t return results then there is no sense in having a search box, is there?

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