Questions to Help You Know if Your Website is Generating Leads or Duds

Web design Chula Vista is of utmost importance because it is what determines whether yours is a great or a terrible website. A great website will do a lot of things among them building credibility, acting as the digital face of your brand, communicating the value propositions of your firm, educating the target clients and engaging your current clients. Above all, your website needs to be a lead generation tool. But how do you tell if your website is generating quality leads or duds? There are a number of questions you can answer to determine this.

Are the leads you are generating in your target market?
The first thing you need to check is the type of people that are completing your forms. Are the leads in your target market or not? If the leads you are generating are not in your target market, there is a good chance that you are doing something wrong. You will have to ask your web designer Chula Vista to revise your website until the leads you get fall in your ideal client persona.

Do you have enough CTAs?
For you to generate leads, you will need to have relevant call to actions. You need to start by making sure that the CTAs are clearly visible and easy to understand. The best placement for CTAs is near the top of a website. The CTA must also appear throughout your pages. If the only CTA is on your Contact Us page, you will not be able to generate as many leads.

Is the CTA compelling?
Having a CTA on your website is easy; the hard part is having a compelling CTA. You need to check if the CTA compels the visitor to move in the desired direction or to complete the required action. The CTA needs to offer a client what they want.

What is the volume of leads?
The volume of lead will depend on how extensive you are in marketing as well as the nature of your business. For businesses whose client size is more than $25,000 per client, the acceptable number of leads per month is 3 to 5 leads. If the client size is below $1,000, then you will need more than 30 leads in a month. It is paramount that you determine a realistic number of leads that your website should generate even long before you start work on you web design Chula Vista.

Do you have anti-spam tactics?
Spam submissions are very common today. The good news is that there are anti-spam tools that you can use to prevent spams. CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) is the most recommended technique for blocking computer generated spam.

These questions will help you know if your website is working as it should. Do not hesitate to seek professional advice from experienced web designers Chula Vista. You also need to keep an eye on online marketing trends.

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