Principles of Mobile Web Design

Web design Chula Vista has to be done with mobile users in mind. According to the latest statistics by Google, 52% of the market traffic will come from mobile platforms. This is thanks to the overwhelming use of smartphones as a tool of searching the web and buying products online. When working on your website, your focus must always be creating a web design that is compatible with most mobile devices. In this post, we shall be taking a quick look at the principles you need to understand about creating responsive web designs.

Menus must be easy and concise
As a web designer Chula Vista, you ought to note that not every user will be accessing your website on a tablet. Most of them will be on tiny smartphones. Since the mobile screens are small, users should be able to scroll through your menu easily. The perfect menu is the ‘hamburger’ style. It should not have more than five items. This will make navigation easy.

Simple form fields
When working on the forms, make sure that you don’t require visitors to give too much information. The fields need to be simple. An expert designer will employ appropriate forms such as dropdowns, checkboxes and calendars. Typing using a mobile device is not easy for most people so require as little text responses as possible.

Thumb-sized buttons
The challenge that most people have when using a mobile website is that of clicking the buttons. Most people complain that the buttons are too small for clicking. As a result, you need to create a web design Chula Vista that has buttons that are big enough to be clicked using the fingers. Buttons that require users to zoom in to click are unacceptable. However, avoid the use of buttons that are too large.

Short loading time
The main reason why people use their mobile devices to look for information is because they need the information fast. It will not make sense for them to wait several minutes for the website to load. If this is the case with your website, you will notice high bounce rates. A good website should take two seconds or even less to load up.

Easy contact approach
Once they buy into what you are selling, your visitors will want to contact you. Make this possible in your mobile web design Chula Vista. You should provide your visitors with an easy communication interface that the customers can use to contact you. Provide a contact form, social media links and email address.

Simple call to action
Last but not least, you need to provide a simple call-to-action. This is an essential element in web development. Your visitors will want to be told what to do else they will not take the required action. The CTA should be located above the folds and in contrasting colors.

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