Logical Reasons that Make WordPress the Best CMS

When getting started on web design Chula Vista, you will first have to think about the content management system to use. There are many options available. Some companies choose to go with proprietary CMSs while others choose open source platforms. In this post, we shall be looking at the top reasons why WordPress is by far the best CMS you can use when setting up your website.

Easy to use
The first logical reason is the simple fact that WordPress is very easy to use. No technical knowledge is needed for you to setup your account. The platform is user-friendly. It requires zero coding and programming skills to set-up. Everything is self-explanatory and you can find guides online on practically anything you want to do on WordPress. Whether you are new to web development or are an experienced web designer Chula Vista, WordPress has you covered.

When choosing a CMS, you have to think about reliability. W3Techs statistics shows that 28.6% of all the live websites today are powered by WordPress. Joomla is WordPress’ major competitor and only powers 3.3% of the websites. Drupal only powers 2.3%. These numbers shows how reliable WordPress is. What is even better is the fact that WordPress has been developed on a mature platform that uses SQL, PHP and JavaScript. It meets strict international coding standards that have been set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Easy accessibility
One of the top reasons why WordPress is the go-to CMS is because of its easy accessibility across platforms. It is open source which means it uses free license server software. You can install it on Windows or Linux servers. WordPress also uses CSS and HTML together with PHP to render website pages. It is accessible on any browser and mobile device. What is more is that WordPress allows for multi-user capability. This makes it easy for multiple people to manage a huge website. There are 5 default user roles: Administrator, Author, Editor, Contributor and Subscriber.

Inexpensive to run and maintain
To run a website on WordPress, you only need a domain name and a reliable web hosting service. The platform is free to use and gets regular updates. You can also do everything yourself without relying on help from a web designer Chula Vista. There are plugins and themes to help you customize your website the way you want. There is also a huge support community to help with virtually anything.

There are many more logical reasons that make WordPress the best CMS you can use for any website. All you need to do is learn how to effectively use the tools provided by the platform.

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