How to Protect Your Website from Negative SEO

A web design Chula Vista understands that completing a web design is not the end of the project. There is a lot more to worry about. Negative SEO is top on the list. This is the use of unethical techniques with the intent of sabotaging the rankings of the website of a competitor. This is a threat that has been affecting many websites. Google even released the Disavow Tool which helps you handle the negative SEO problem.

Understanding how negative SEO starts is very important. You should understand this before you start working on a web design Chula Vista. The common techniques used include:

  • Building spammy links to your website
  • Hacking your website
  • Setting up fake social media profiles that damage your reputation
  • Copying your content and reposting in various platforms to ruin the credibility of your content
  • Links that point to your website but have bad keywords
  • Removing your backlinks

The above are just some of the methods used. To handle this issue, there are a number of solutions you can consider using. They include the following.

Create a Google Webmaster Tools for Email Alerts
Google is working hard to combat the negative SEO problem and these email alerts are some of the best tools you can use. Setting up this service will help you get alerts for:

  • Your website being attacked by malware
  • Pages not being indexed
  • Receiving manual penalty from Google
  • Server connectivity problems

Keep track of all your links
Links have a significant impact on your search engine ranking. Spammy links are hence the most widely used strategies in negative SEO. Your competitors can pay pornographic, casinos and other malicious sites to create links that are pointing to your website. Hackers can also be paid to remove your quality backlinks. As a web designer Chula Vista, one of your duties has to be evaluating your links. Make sure there are no bad links or redirects that point to your site. Be wary of links from:

  • Sites written in foreign languages
  • Gambling, adult or illicit topics
  • Websites with over 50 links in the body of their text
  • That trigger virus or malware warnings
  • From sites known for spamming search engines

There are several tools you can use to keep track of your links. They include, Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs.

Keep the website secure from malware and hackers
Keeping your site secure is the key to preventing negative SEO. To secure your website, you must consider doing the following:

  • Installing Google Authenticator Plugin
  • Create stronger passwords
  • Create backups of your files
  • Install antivirus

A great web design Chula Vista is not the only thing that you need to succeed. You have to keep an eye out for threats. Keep a keen eye on your online reputation and fix problems as soon as you notice them.

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