How to Encourage Scrolling on Your Website

If you have worked on any web design Chula Vista, you know that it is not easy to fit all your content on a screen. Visitors will have to scroll in order to read more. But did you know not many visitors love scrolling. They want to locate the information they want without having to scroll. With that in mind, what are some of the things you can do to encourage them to scroll down so that they can ready more?

Make a good impression at the top

While some visitors will start scrolling as soon as your web page is done loading, the information at the very top is very important. It is what sets the impression and expectation of quality for the visitors. This means your page should have riveting content at the very top. Make it clear to the visitors what you will offer and why they should read through the page. As a web designer Chula Vista you should understand that people will scroll through your page but only if the information at the top is promising enough. The most compelling content must therefore be put at the very top of the page.

  • Offer a great introduction. An amazing introduction will set the context for the content and answer any question a user may have. ‘What is the page about?’
  • Engaging imagery. Visitors pay more attention to the images that have relevant information.

Persist navigation options

The mistake most web designers make is that of forgetting that users always want to have a sense of orientation. If your page is long, you need to let visitors know exactly where they are. A sense of navigation will encourage them to keep scrolling. Never force visitors to scroll all the way back to the top. The navigation bar must always be on top and you should also add buttons within the page that visitors can click to be taken to the top. Sticky menus that show the current location of a visitor while scrolling will come in handy when you have a long page.

Offer visual feedback when new content is loading

If your web content loads dynamically, it is very important that you offer visual feedback when new content is loading. Content that loads during scrolling must load fast. If it takes 2 to 10 seconds for the dynamic content to load, then you should use looped animation to show users that the system is working.

Never hijack scrolling

The worst mistake you can make in web design Chula Vista is not giving users complete control as they scroll through your page. Hijacked scrolling makes scrolling unpredictable and it is annoying. To avoid getting a high bounce rate, allow the users to control their browser and movement through your website.

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