How to Effectively Use Keywords on Your Website

Keyword research is very important. It is something you must do before you get started on your web design Chula Vista. This is for the simple reason that the keywords on your website are what enable people to find your content and website. The keywords you choose and how you use them will determine the amount of traffic and conversion your website gets. In this post we will be discussing the best ways to use keywords.

In your content

This is a no brainer. Every web designer Chula Vista knows that their web content should include the primary keyword in order for the website to rank well in search engine results. This does not, however, mean you keyword-stuff your content. Keywords should be used sparingly else your website be flagged as a spam site. Don’t use a keyword more than 3% in your content.


While everyone knows you need to use the primary keyword in the content, most people fail to add the keywords in the URLs. If possible, your primary keyword should be in your domain name. You also need to make sure that the URLs on your website have your keywords in them. All in all, you should not make your URLs long or spammy. Add keywords where they fit in the URLs naturally.

Page titles

The title tags should have the primary keyword in them. This is very important for the purpose of SEO. The best tips you can use when adding keywords in the page titles include:

  • Using both primary and secondary keywords
  • Focusing on users as titles impact the click-through rate
  • Don’t spam your page title with keywords
  • Aim for a natural language and have a clear value proposition
  • Keep the title within 60 characters so that it shows up in SERPs.

Insert them in images

To do this you need to add the keyword in the alt texts of you images. This helps optimize your images for search. WordPress makes it easy for you to add the alt texts. The important rule to follow is to always match the image to the content in order to increase relevancy. Your images should also be optimized for sharing whenever possible. Adding easy share functions to popular social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest will work wonders in optimizing your website.

There is a lot more you can do but the aforementioned points will get you started in the right direction as you work on your web design Chula Vista. Keep an eye on the latest trends and always embrace the best and most relevant ones.

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