How to Design Effective Call to Action Buttons

As you work on your web design Chula Vista, you have to account for the call-to-action button. This is a very important feature that guides visitors towards your conversion goals. The purpose of a CTA is to direct a visitor to a desired course of action. Common CTAs include: Start a Trial, Get a Consultation, Sign up for Updates, and Download the book. How effective your CTA is depends on how you design and use it. In this post we shall be looking at a few things you have to do to design better CTA buttons.


The first thing you need to do is make sure that your call to action is big enough for visitors to see from a distance. It should, however, not be too large to detract attention from other important content on your web page. The best way to confirm if the CTA is the most prominent element on a page is to perform the five second test. This is done by viewing your web page for 5 seconds and then writing down what you remember. If the CTA is not on the list, it is not prominent and you need to redesign it. You cannot do this yourself. As a web designer Chula Vista you need to ask a friend or colleague to do the test for you.

Visual prominence

The color used for the call-to-action has a very significant impact on whether the element is noticeable or not. It is only with color that you will be able to make the CTA stand out. The right color will give the CTA more visual prominence than other elements on your website. The best colors are the contrasting ones.

Negative space

As a web designer Chula Vista working on the CTA you must make use of negative space. This is an empty space around the CTA. White space around the CTA creates crucial breathing room that separates the button from the other elements on the pace.

Action Oriented Text

Last but not least you need to use action-oriented text for your call-to-action to work. The CTA button may stand out but if the messaging is wrong no one will click on it. The text for the button should compel visitors to take action. Start with verbs like Start, Get, or Join.

The blur effect is the best test to determine if your CTA stands out. Take a screenshot of your web page and apply a blue effect. Look at the blurred image and see if you can spot the location of the CTA. If you don’t like what you see you need to revise it.

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