How to Create SaaS Website

When you want to sell Software as a service (SaaS), hiring a web designer Chula Vista to build a website for you is the most important piece of attracting leads and keeping the audience informed. The problem is that creating a website for SaaS is never easy. There are so many things that you will need to do. In this article, we shall be examining the things that you will need to include on your website when selling Software as a service.

Images of the software UI
The user interface is obviously the first thing that potential customers will be interested in. Software is mostly judged by its UI. It is for this reason that when working on a web design Chula Vista you need to include images of the software UI. The images you add need to be of high quality and must show that the software has a clean user interface. The photos of the software need to take center stage. They should also be easy to find, scroll through and must showcase the essential aspects of the software’s UI design.

Highlight the ‘Take a Demo’ CTAs
Your clients will want to test your software before paying for it. You need to make it clear that a demo is available. Your web design must therefore include a well highlighted ‘Take a Demo’ call-to-action. Demos offer a customized software demonstration to the potential buyers. It enables the clients to know how the software works and how it will benefit them. This is why SaaS website must always include a call-to-action to the take demo link. The CTA must be on every page of your website.

Include videos and webinar demos
Not everyone that gets on your website wants to download the demo and test it on their own. This is where the need for videos and webinar demos comes in. The videos should show how the software works and what it can do. Ensure the videos highlight the benefits of the software.

Outline audiences and use cases
You want to build trust. The best way of doing this is to outline potential clients that you know would benefit from your software. Don’t forget to discuss how the software can benefit them. You should also encourage your recent clients to share their experiences with the software. Providing measurable proof will also help you win the hearts of your target audiences.

Adding the aforementioned elements to your SaaS website will significantly boost your success. You should also not forget to keep up with the trends. See what other developers are doing to boost success.

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