How to Convert Your Website to HTML

If your web design Chula Vista was created using a website editor, there is a good chance your website is not in HTML. More often than not, most people decide that HTML is a better fit for their web pages. This is more so when they realize they cannot update their website as part of their HTML created website. But what should you do now? There is a way of converting your website to HTML.

How to get HTML from your web pages

If your website was created using software program, there is a way you can get to the HTML to change the pages. You do this by going to the HTML option which is built into the program. However, if you used an online tool, you may or may not have access to the HTML option. Most creation tools have the HTML option or the Source option. You can look for this or open the menu for the advanced tools to search for the HTML options.

Salvage the live website in HTML

If your hosting service does not offer an option for getting the HTML from your editor, you don’t need to discard your website or have to hire a web designer Chula Vista to redesign your website. There is still a way of salvaging the website.

Salvaging your web pages and turning them into something you can change using HTML is easy. The easiest way of doing this is opening your target page in a web browser. Once it is open right-click on it and select View Page Source. You can also find the view page source from the browser menu. If you are on Internet Explorer, you need to go to View menu then choose Source.

The HTML code of your page will open in a new browser tab or a text editor. Save the code to your computer if it opened in a text editor. Alternatively you can copy and paste the code into a text editor and save to your computer. It is also possible to right click on the code on your browser tab and select save or save as.

The main problem with this option is that once you save the page, the line breaks will be eliminated. Everything will run together when you open the code for editing. You can try copying individual lines of code from the browser tab onto a notepad. You copy using Control + C and paste with Control + V.

Working with the salvaged HTML site

Once you have copied the HTML code, the next step is to edit. Fix errors and then upload to your website using FTP client. You can also copy paste the edited code to the online text editor to add the code to your new website.

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