How to Choose Live Chat Software for Your Website

As you work on your web design Chula Vista you have to think on how your customers will contact you. Live chat has proven to be the best tool of communication today. This is because visitors can reach out to you with no added costs to discuss any question they may have while on your website. The hardest part about using live chat is finding the right software. The market is flooded with all manner of live chat software. Which one should you pick? Here are the key considerations you should make when searching for a live chat tool.

Administrator toolset

How you interact with your customers will be influence a lot by the tools you have access to. The tools you have access to will determine how you reach out to customers and the kind of data you are able to collect from them. The software your web designer Chula Vista will recommend is one that has a customizable platform. Custom features you should look for include:

  • Changing the look and feel of the chat window
  • Offline messaging
  • Mobile friendly
  • IP address blocking
  • Agent monitoring which helps see which of your agents is handling a certain conversation

While these features are valuable, not all live chat software has them. You cannot get all the features you want so you need to decide what is more important to you before selecting live chat software.

Customer chat

Taking a look at the services that are available to a customer is also very important. The live chat you add to your web design Santee should allow customers to do more than just instant message you. Customers should be able to do other things like share documents with you, and allow co-web browsing so that you can take customers to the web page they need instead of having to send them a link. Translation services will also be a huge plus so that you are not limited by language barriers.


Advanced integration will give your live chat more power. For example, with the right tool you can see where customers are coming from as well as use the data gathered through live chat to synchronize sales and marketing with customer service. The best software should be able to integrate with Google Analytics so that you can use live chat data with keyword tracking campaigns. Integration with SalesForce will also be a huge plus.

When choosing live chat software for your website you need to look for more than just the help and support that is offered. Considering the aforementioned points will help you get started in the right path whether you are new to web design or an experienced web designer Chula Vista.

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