How to Check If Yours is a Great Website

Web design Chula Vista has come a long way since the advent of the Internet. Today people can build their own websites without having to hire a web designer. However, if you want to build a website that is not just impressive but meets its purpose, you must work with an experienced web designer in Chula Vista. In addition to that, you have to learn how to determine if your website is great. Here are the main qualities of a great website.

It satisfied user intent and has a clear goal

Every experienced web designer Chula Vista starts by learning more about the target audience. Failure to identify a specific audience is the main reason most websites fail. Knowing your audience means you will be able to tailor your design and content in a way that resonates well with them. It is only by having a target audience in mind that you will be able to align your story in a way that satisfies the intent of users and meets their goals.

Has technical prowess

Is your website easily crawlable by search engines? A great website loads fast, has few to no errors and is easy to index. A great website will also have a well-optimized code which is free of clutter.

It is trustworthy, safe and secure

There are so many scams out there. Internet users are constantly on alert. They are afraid of being scammed in every turn. If your website looks in any way as a spam website, it will be ignored. The secret to building a great website is making sure that it looks trustworthy, it is safe and secure. Regular downtime and not having https:// are common red flags. Visitors want to feel safe when accessing your website. If their antivirus program or web browser warns them that your website is not secure they will abandon you.

Has a great design

A great web design Chula Vista and stellar UX is a must have. For starters, your website needs to be beautiful so that it creates a great first impression. Second, the design should give visitors a joyful experience. Don’t force visitors to guess where to go next or where to find certain information. Everything has to be intuitive. It is also imperative that your website be mobile friendly too.

Has awesome and user-centered content

Last but not least you need to add content that is both awesome and user-centered. Content is what lures visitors in and keeps them on your website. Ensure your content is helpful, and easy to understand. Having your target audience in mind will help create better content.

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