How to Build a Mobile Friendly Website

In today’s world, web design Chula Vista has evolved into something much more than just text and information on a page. As you build your website, you must look at what the user of the website wants to see. Below are the best practices and considerations for launching a website that is mobile-friendly.

Simplify navigation

Mobile phones have small screens. For this, it is going to be very hectic to scroll through a large navigation menu since you might end-up clicking buttons that you didn’t want to. This usually causes frustration to the users. As a web designer Chula Vista, you need to create a website while taking the user’s needs into consideration. Your menus must also be simplified.

Make CTAs Easy to find and click

Site visitors who want to take action or register for your newsletter want to know how to take the next step. You must make sure that the calls to action are easy to find and use. You should keep in mind what it is like to click on mobile phones. Always remember that some screens are smaller than others. All the buttons must be easy to click on just any screen.

Improve your site layout

About 80% of users own a smart phone and most of the time they are always on phone and will want to access the internet via their phone. Does your site look good both on mobile and desktop? The goal when building your website is to make sure users can access all the information on it without having to zoom in or out. Forcing visitors to scroll horizontally to access content will also lead to problems. As a web designer Chula Vista, you have to make sure your website fits perfectly on mobile screens.

Use scrolling to your benefit

Use scrolling to your benefit by creating longer landing pages that users can scroll up and down the page with ease to find information. The major benefit of creating this type of web page is being able to incorporate story telling as you are scrolling. With this approach, you will be able to create an adoption for mobile technologies because they have been conditioned to scroll.

Build short forms

While forms are important when you want to gather information from visitors, you need to keep them as short as possible. The longer they are the easier it will be for you to lose the interest of a potential client. As you work on your web design Chula Vista make sure your forms are as short as possible.

User experience rules

The core factor to consider when building a mobile website is the user experience rules. If your site is in any form creates a poor user experience, the user is most likely never want to become your client.

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