How to Build a Better Website in 2020

web design Chula VistaAs you get ready for 2020, you need to learn how to create a more impactful web design Chula Vista. There are so many trends out there. Incorporating all these trends when building your website will only lead in confusion. The best thing you can do is identify the most important things and include them in your web design. Here we will be taking a look at the key things you have to do to build a better website for 2020.

Don’t force customers to call you

The most common mistake on most websites today is only offering call or email as the only channel for customer service. While adding your contacts is important, not every visitor will be free to call you. As a web designer Chula Vista you need to add several methods for visitors to contact you. You should also not forget to add an FAQ page to answer some of the questions visitors may have.

Make sure optimized documents are accessible

To keep your website from becoming slow you have to optimize most of the documents you add on it. This includes both images and documents like PDF, Word documents and PowerPoint. A common mistake web designers make is that of uploading optimized documents and never taking the time to see if they are accessible. This leads to problems. Everything you upload has to be checked for accessibility. Adobe offers an accessibility checker that will walk you through the errors on your document and help with remediation.

Ensure all web elements are working

Even when your website seems to be working fine you still need to revisit the source code. Optimize it and make sure there are no errors. You also need to review all the links on your website. If you are using plugins, make sure they are up-to-date and working as they should. All the elements on your page must make perfect sense and serve a purpose. Remove anything that doesn’t add value to your website.

Don’t change the wording to about us, contact us and other similar pages

In an effort to make a web design Chula Vista unique, some people tend to change the wording of certain common pages. There are pages you must never change their wording. The main ones are the Contact Us page, and About Us page. Changing the wording makes it hard for visitors to navigate your website.

Break up large amounts of content

Last but not least you need to break up large amounts of content. In addition to using headings, subheadings and listings, if the content is too long you should consider splitting it into two or more posts. That way you reduce the risk of boring visitors before they get to the important points.

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