How to Add a Strong Call to Action

Your efforts in web design Chula Vista must always account for the call-to-action (CTA). This is an important web element that tells visitors what you expect from them. It draws the line between a high conversion and no conversion at all. Your website must always have a strong call to action. But how exactly do you achieve that? In this post, we will be looking at the most important things you need to do to have a strong call-to-action.

The first thing that matters the most is the position of the call-to-action. As a web designer Chula Vista, it is very important that your CTA stands above all the rest. What this means is that there should be no confusion as to where the prospects need to click in order to redeem an offer.

Poorly placing the CTA will cost you a lot in conversions. When the CTA is placed after introducing and explaining the offer, the visitor will already be convinced to convert. To improve positioning, add some whitespace around the CTA. Isolating the button will help draw attention to it. You can also influence the eye of your audience by using the F-pattern and the Z-pattern web design technique.

The size of the CTA will matter a lot. The worst mistake you can make is that of making the CTA to be too small. For the CTA to stand out, it has to be big enough. Visitors should not miss it. You need to make it obvious. That way your visitors will understand what you need them to do.

The color of the CTA button will also impact its visibility. The CTA needs to pop. This will only be possible if you use contrast properly. This doesn’t mean you use bright colors but just ensure that the CTA is hard to miss due to its high contrast. An experienced web designer Chula Vista will be able to find a shade, tint, hue and tone that stands out from the rest of the page thus drawing maximum attention to the CTA.

Last but not least, the copy of the CTA will be the deciding factor on whether you will win or lose a conversion. Don’t use overused or vague copies such as ‘Subscribe’, ‘Submit’ or ‘Sign Up’. You need to make your copy more specific. The more personalized it is the more compelling it will be.

Your CTA is something you need to account for long before you get started on web design Chula Vista. Don’t forget to look at what other web designers are doing to make their CTA stand out.

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