Web Design Best Practices to Get You Ahead of the Competition

In a world where every business has a website, everyone wants to create a web design Chula Vista that is smarter and compelling. People want websites they regularly visit to be functional, optimized, interactive and visually impressive. Well to get ahead in this hyper-competitive battle, we have some web-design practices that will help you stay ahead if used correctly.

Make web pages load fast

Everyone always seems to be in a hurry all the time and want things done as quickly as possible. Nothing worries and frustrates more than waiting for long periods for a webpage to load. As a web designer Chula Vista you should ensure to minimize all controllable factors slowing down the site speed by using proper website code, optimized graphics and reliable site hosting.


An innocent typo can cause a potential client to deliberate your precision in executing what you promise to deliver. 85% of your customers’ judgment is made by a first impression. Proofreading will scrutinize your website content that you created with a professional clear mind and fresh eyes before you send to print or publish live. This will help check for typing or spelling errors, grammar errors and include the correct use of punctuation marks.  Furthermore you will ensure your written piece is correct in its context, layout and remains consistent in its message and tone for your target market.

Choose simple and responsive design

A good web design Chula Vista should be simple yet professional. The home page should impress and answer the questions new visitors want and not to distract them from the message. Too much use of flash and moving images in your website can be very distracting to the visitors. Update the site and add more content occasionally. While at this do find something that would be more appealing to your target market.

Target keywords and valuable content

You have to identify keywords that are related to your site’s content. These can be popular search terms that lead people to your site, words related to your general topic. Target keywords that relates to your product or service and write valuable content on that subject.  You will need to develop a list of the most searched terms and while at this you can check at your competitor’s research. This will help you to know which keywords you can compete for and one that is most relevant

These few tips will help build a better web design Chula Vista that commands attention and drives more leads. It is, however, important to keep up with the trends. Lagging behind will keep you from ever beating your competition.

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Things that cause high bounce rates on a website

A poor web design Chula Vista can cause a high bounce rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of people that come to your website and leave after viewing only one page on your site. It is important to note that a high bounce rate does not automatically indicate a problem. The problem comes when they land, bounce and don’t convert. In this article you will find a couple of reasons why your website can have a high bounce rate and how to fix it.

Slow to load page

Your website should load nearly instantly and anything longer than two seconds is far too long as far as the internet is concerned. This will make your visitors fed up and leave the site. As a web designer Chula Vista, you need to use platforms that help you on your websites speed. Google search can also help you with the speed incites and advice on how to make your site blazingly fast. A faster loading site is a lifelong journey that can deliver more traffic and conversions.

Self-sufficient content

People generally visit website to learn more about specific subjects they are interested in. keeping your blog fresh and with the right content will always yield the best. The information they want should be located in sections that are appropriate and easy to find. If your content does not speak to your audience’s needs, they will hence find a competing site that has the information they need. The content on your web design Chula Vista should effectively answer and alleviate your visitors concerns. This will make them spend a couple of more minutes on the page sending a positive signal to Google and increasing chances of them doing business with you.

Technical error

If your bounce rate is exceptionally high, it could be that visitors are hitting a road block that is associated with a technical error. This could be brought about by a JavaScript malfunctioning or a plugin went down making a page blank. This will cause the page not to load properly. In this case, the web designer Chula Vista needs to correct the errors immediately else Google will drop your page from the search results.

Attract the right visitors

Always attract the right visitors by giving them what they expected. Higher bounce comes along when you are getting the wrong website visitors. To get the right visitors that will lead to our sales increase, you have to improve your content strategy. You have to drive the right traffic to your landing page. The value of the right audience cannot be over emphasized.

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Web Design Chula Vista – Why Having a Mobile Friendly Website Is Important

Is your web design Chula Vista mobile friendly? Think about all the times you do internet searches on a daily or weekly basis. Are you using a mobile phone, laptop or your desktop computer? Most people use their mobile phones or tablets to do the majority of their searching while relaxing. Isn’t that convenient?  This article provides you with the general information on why you need a mobile optimized website.

Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites

As a web designer Chula Vista, you probably know that Google gives priority to mobile friendly websites over those that are not. Google prefers responsive websites over those that are only desktop friendly.

It adds to your convenience

Nowadays, people everywhere use mobile devices to carry out their day to day tasks from searching simple queries to booking their tickets and a lot more. The reason for this is the speed and convenience that makes people connects quickly and get what they are looking for.

It helps you build credibility

Having a mobile friendly website will help you build trust among your influencers, clients and customers.  This will enhance your users’ experience in searching for information and will make them see you as a trustworthy resource for their services and products.

It will attract more customers

Once your website is mobile friendly, it will most definitely open your users base up to anyone performing a mobile search. Many people will be delighted to access the web and will again pay a visit to your website by just performing a search.

You have to do it for Google

According to Google webmasters, you should do what it recommends. As per Google, it is so important for a website to be visible to the customers who prefer using a mobile to search rather than their laptops or desktop computers.

It benefits your reputation

Reputation is everything, building it is important but maintaining it is a must. Having a good reputation is not only beneficial online but offline as well. People will notice and take note of a website they had a good experience with as well as one they had a bad experience with.

Your business will become modern and relevant

If your web design Chula Vista is not user friendly, as much as your services and products are helpful to your customers, it can affect your business.  This will encourage users to seek help from other sites. However, a mobile friendly website is legit and more modern and this will help you attract more visitors.

These key points give an idea on the importance of having a mobile friendly website. If you don’t know how to go about it, hire an experienced web designer Chula Vista to help build a responsive web design.

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Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Website

A great web design Chula Vista is a must have for any business. In the past, customers looked into a large phone books to find a business that would suit their needs. In today’s world, however, about 90% of people search for businesses online. Most don’t even know phone books ever existed. It is for this reason that you need to take your business online if you want to compete on a fair ground with your competition.

Regardless of the type of business you have, you need a website. Clients will research your business online before choosing you.  In addition to that, here are the main reasons why you should contact a web designer Chula Vista to build for you a website.

A client expects you to have a website

Nowadays having a website is the key to achieving success. A client expects you to have a website where you showcase your products and prove your credibility. Even if a client comes to you in person, they will go to your website to learn more about you before starting a relationship with your business.

Your will be visible in online search results

In this technologically advanced world, ‘Google it’ is an everyday phrase. When people are searching for a product or service in your area, they will use search engines to find local businesses that offer the service they need. If your business doesn’t show up in search you will miss out. This is why you need a website to ensure your shop appears correctly in Google searches. Over time and with the right tactics your website will be at the very top once you focus on proper SEO practices.

It is crucial to keep up with the competition

Your competitors are likely to have a modernised website and for this you should opt to be in the picture with a much better website. In order to be in the loop with your competitors, you should showcase the services you offer. It’s the first place a customer will look. Your online reputation will affect your overall reputation. Even as you entrust the design work to an experienced web designer Chula Vista, make sure their work is in line with your vision.

It’s a hub to answer your customer’s questions

Unlike businesses with no website to answer customer’s questions, a website about your business becomes an advantage to you since every question a customer will want to ask about a certain thing will be available on the site.

Provides a simple way for customers to book appointments

The days of booking appointments over the phone are long gone. By providing an easy-to-fill out, ‘request an appointment’ form on your website to eliminate the time wastage for enquiries over the phone. Your clients will fill your calendar for you and by the end of the day you will have more customers.

Boosts sales

A website will help you grow your business. For example, if you have a promotion on your shop, you should post it and promote those coupons on your website. Doing so helps increase sales by attracting more customers. Also share your customers’ review in order to build trust.

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What Do Clients Want to See On Your Website?

A website with a great web design Chula Vista offers a fantastic marketing means to generate leads, establish credibility, increase brand recognition and build leadership. But the question is what do your clients want to see on your website? The answer will be unique since different people want to see different things. The following are some of the facts to note on what a client wants to see on your website.

Your products/services value

As a web designer Chula Vista, you must not just list your products for the sake of listing them. You must think about your client’s view on the services you are offering and what impact it will have on them. Your products must address the plight of your target audience. Mostly it should help most of your target audience get the answers they need.

Credibility and trust elements

A potential client will not become your client unless they trust you and find your firm credible. Your website is the perfect place to start building trust and credibility. Consider what matters to your industry: is it being government approved? Is it being certified by respected institutions? The important question to answer as you work on your web design Chula Vista is this; what do clients want to see in order to trust you.  You must remember that what you like is different from what your client like.

Example of your products or services

You have created your website in order to display your products or services. There are a variety of ways in which you can showcase your products according to your perspective. Consumers today want to spend time understanding a product or service before speaking to a sales person. You should make sure you make it easy for your clients to learn more about your product/ service and understand how it would benefit them. Your website offers the perfect platform for doing this.

Contact information

It is important that your logo and business name be featured on your website. It is more important to have your contact information displayed on each page and have a contact page too. The contact information can include your email, phone number or your physical address. The objective is to make it easier for clients to contact you.

What makes you special

Potential clients searching for products and services you offer want to know what is so special about your firm. Your website is the place to clearly define why your firm is unique. The images, videos, text and other elements should show potential clients how you stand out from the other companies.

As a web designer Chula Vista, you must always keep your target audience in mind before building your website. The last thing you want is to build an expensive website that never delivers results.

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How to Build a Mobile Friendly Website

In today’s world, web design Chula Vista has evolved into something much more than just text and information on a page. As you build your website, you must look at what the user of the website wants to see. Below are the best practices and considerations for launching a website that is mobile-friendly.

Simplify navigation

Mobile phones have small screens. For this, it is going to be very hectic to scroll through a large navigation menu since you might end-up clicking buttons that you didn’t want to. This usually causes frustration to the users. As a web designer Chula Vista, you need to create a website while taking the user’s needs into consideration. Your menus must also be simplified.

Make CTAs Easy to find and click

Site visitors who want to take action or register for your newsletter want to know how to take the next step. You must make sure that the calls to action are easy to find and use. You should keep in mind what it is like to click on mobile phones. Always remember that some screens are smaller than others. All the buttons must be easy to click on just any screen.

Improve your site layout

About 80% of users own a smart phone and most of the time they are always on phone and will want to access the internet via their phone. Does your site look good both on mobile and desktop? The goal when building your website is to make sure users can access all the information on it without having to zoom in or out. Forcing visitors to scroll horizontally to access content will also lead to problems. As a web designer Chula Vista, you have to make sure your website fits perfectly on mobile screens.

Use scrolling to your benefit

Use scrolling to your benefit by creating longer landing pages that users can scroll up and down the page with ease to find information. The major benefit of creating this type of web page is being able to incorporate story telling as you are scrolling. With this approach, you will be able to create an adoption for mobile technologies because they have been conditioned to scroll.

Build short forms

While forms are important when you want to gather information from visitors, you need to keep them as short as possible. The longer they are the easier it will be for you to lose the interest of a potential client. As you work on your web design Chula Vista make sure your forms are as short as possible.

User experience rules

The core factor to consider when building a mobile website is the user experience rules. If your site is in any form creates a poor user experience, the user is most likely never want to become your client.

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What Determines How Usable a Website Is?

Website usability depends mostly on how intuitive your web design Chula Vista is. Both design and development process are focused within a user’s perspective. The aim is to achieve an easy to use website. Achieving this goal may not be easy. The following are the important aspects of a highly usable website.

Relevant videos and images in high quality

Statistics show that 94% of people would love to view images and watch videos of something in a website instead of reading. As a web designer Chula Vista it is your duty to ensure you add relevant content to your website. Adding pictures and videos will increase the visual appearance of a web page.

Good navigation

In terms of usability, good navigation is one of the key things that determine whether your website is good. Even though you have the best website, it will be useless if the user finds it hard to navigate. If your website is hard to navigate you will lose potential clients.

When developing navigation for your website, think of how users will navigate through. Keep in mind the users’ expectations and create a predictable navigation structure. Web elements should be placed where users expect to find them.

Recognizable design patterns.

Design patterns are a web designer Chula Vista best friend. When designing your site, you have to bare it in mind that users’ spend most of their time on other websites. Every time they learn how something new works they expect to find the same on your website. By using this recognizable design patterns, you can make the work of the user easier by reducing the learning curve. Adhering to design patterns will make it easier for visitors to browse your website. Don’t veer too far off the norm.

Strong visual hierarchy

The better visual hierarchy you create the easier your content will be understood by the user. When creating the content, it is good to organize the content in a grid format. This helps present your work to users in a manner that makes it easy for them to understand.

Cut out the noise

Cluttering a user’s interface overloads your user with too much information. Every added button, image and lines of text makes the users screen look more complicated. Cutting out the clutter helps the primary message be easily understood. It will help reduce the cognitive load times of users and make it easier to pass the message through.

These simple considerations will help build a better web design Chula Vista that is user-focused. Regardless of how unique you want to be make sure you stick to the norm.

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Important Things to Check On Your Website Right Now

You have a website. You’ve gone through the process of web design Chula Vista, content creation and now you are looking at the created version online. But the question you are asking yourself is; how well is it working? Was it developed with your users in mind? But you may be wondering, why aren’t you getting the response you expect? You must spend a few minutes to give your site a good physical checkup. The following are some of the symptoms to watch out for:

Site speed

This is the very first thing you should check as a web designer Chula Vista. People browsing through your web pages simply don’t have the patience to wait around for your site to load. Google announced that site speeds would have a new signal into their organic search ranking. A fast loading website will also have a low bounce rate. Google takes the behavior of the user into account when determining search ranking. So to optimize your website, you may definitely want to optimize its load speed.

The main causes of a slow website are:

  • Large image files
  • Unclean code
  • Poor hosting

Compiling readable content

Since the content in a website is very important and is the core factor of your marketing efforts you have to be careful when choosing the information to put in your website. As you work on your web content, you should make sure you do the following;

  • Create a clean copy that is informative and helpful
  • Describe your products services
  • Add a call to action
  • Don’t over-complicate things

Clear navigation

The secret to navigation is to get people where they want to be on your site with ease. The key is just to use three or less clicks for the user to get what he wants. The following points will help create a clear navigation:

  • Place your menu items in the order your visitors want to see
  • Use drop down menus items in place of landing or decision pages
  • Place clear calls of action on each page


Site analytics always bump down people’s priority because of they are confusing. This is an important step in understanding your site visitor’s behavior. Analytics can massively help make your website more successful. Once you have known what’s best you can make a definite decision on how to improve your website functionality and health.

These key tips will help make your website more effective as a web designer Chula Vista. The rule of thumb is to keep testing and improving your website.

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Why Every Business Needs a Website

A great business web design Chula Vista is important. This is more so when you consider the fact that the first thing a potential client who wants anything from your company will do is research you on Google. Your web presence promotes the services you offer, the clients you serve and so much more. About 70% of people surf the net daily. Not having a website means you will not be found and thus your market reach will be limited.

But why do businesses need a website? The following are some of the reasons your business needs a website.

Let your target audience know you exist and who you are

A business needs a place where a customer can learn its services. A website in this case is needed to for a customer to know more about your business and engage with the content so they can find if what you are offering is what they want. Your web designer Chula Vista should design a website that makes it easy for new visitors to know what you offer.

Showcase your product

Consumers will always see you as an online business because of the showcased products on your website. It is easier for a consumer to place an order on something they see only than on something they have no idea exists. As a result of this, your business needs a website to showcase your products or services. You don’t have to sell online but you can use the website to promote these products.

Your competition is online

There is nothing worse than lagging behind. If you wish to compete on fair ground with your immediate competition, you have to do what they do and better. Most of your competitors have a website. Yes, they might be bigger than you but having a good website will give you an upper hand. As you work on your web design Chula Vista make sure you first take a look at the website your competitors have. Doing so will help compete fairly with them.

Open 24 hours a day

Having a website means your business’ doors will be open 24 hours a day. Even after you close your physical office for the day your website will continue being open. People can view your products and services at any time and contact you when you open.

Data gathering

Data runs the world. With your website you can discover crucial information of where a customer visits, where they click when online, what they are engaging and where they may be leaving the site. This data helps analyze your entire business strategy.


Online reviews about your business are of great benefit to the consumer. How you interact with a long time customer about a product is very important. Adding a testimonials area on your web design Chula Vista will help win the trust of new customers easily.

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Which Services Must a Web Designer Be Able to Offer?

web design Chula VistaWhen hiring a web designer Chula Vista, you must first take a keen look at the services the designer offers. The last thing you want is to have to juggle different companies to get a single project completed. The following are some of the services a good website designer should be able to offer.

Analytics, interpretation and reporting
When your website is complete you will still need tools to track the site’s usage. This is why when hiring a web design Chula Vista professional you need to take time to discuss with them how they will help with analytics. The tool used should also give you data that is easy to understand and tailored to you. It is only by gaining insights into your website that you will be able to keep improving it.

Competition monitoring

A great web designer should be able to help you with competitor monitoring. It pays to keep an eye on your competitors. What are they doing better than you? The answer to this question will help improve your website and be more competitive. It is by keeping an eye on your competitors that you will be able to keep up with the trends.

Website maintenance

No website is ever complete. You need to keep an eye on your website and keep improving it almost on a daily basis. When the website goes down you also want it to get up and running as soon as possible. This is why when searching for an experienced web designer Chula Vista you should find one that offers website maintenance services.

Usability testing

Without testing you will never know if your website is lacking. That is why a good web designer should offer testing services. They should run all manner of tests including how the website ranks on Google and what could be causing the high bounce rate on certain pages.


You will never reach your goals if you don’t invest more in search engine optimization. The majority of clients will find your website through search engines. What this means is that the web designer you hire should be well versed with SEO. They should use tested strategies to boost your search engine ranking. In addition to that, your web designer Chula Vista should offer social media marketing services.

The more services a web designer is able to offer the better. When all the services you need are being offered by one individual you will be able to get a more streamlined website.

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