7 Steps for Building a Website

Web design Chula Vista is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of building a new website. Most people focus just on the visuals. Although this is a good way to look at web development, web design is not the only thing you should consider. In this post we will be looking at the 7 steps you need to take when creating a website.


Web hosting is more like paying rent for your business. Hosting is what enables you to store your website content online. Web hosting relies on a web server that provides all the resources needed to run your website. This includes the storage space and bandwidth. Your web designer Chula Vista will help decide on the right amount of bandwidth and storage to go with. Hosting is the first thing you should get.

Domain name

Second is your domain name. This is the address to your website. Visitors enter your domain name into their browsers to get to your website. Your domain name will also offer valuable branding for your website. You should make it easy to type and remember. The .com domain names are the best to go with. The good news is that you can purchase hosting and domain name from the same provider.

Plan your website

Before any work starts on your web design Chula Vista you have to think about the type of website you need. Do you need an information or news website? What should your website be able to do? This information will help set the perimeters for your new website. You also need to consider your navigation design and the type of content to post.

Build the website

This is the most complex part of building a website. You should always leave this part to an experienced web designer Chula Vista. A web designer knows how to build a website that meets its purpose.

Publish the website

This is where you take your website live. You need to upload your website files to your hosting provider. This is mostly done using FTP software. You have to contact your hosting provider to know the FTP that they recommend.

Promote the website

Now that your website is live the next step is to promote it. SEO is the most desirable ways of promoting a website. SEO will help your website be found by people that are looking for services, information or products that you offer.

Maintain your website

The final step is maintenance. This is the most tedious part of web design Chula Vista. You need to test your website often and make improvements. Your website needs to be updated too. It is paramount that you produce new content for your website regularly if you want to remain relevant.

These are the seven steps you need to take to build your website. If what you need is a professional website, you should refrain from building the website on your own. Always hire a web designer Chula Vista to help.

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