6 Must Haves for a Great Website

When it comes to web design Chula Vista, there is no silver bullet for creating a great website. This is mostly because there are so many trends to keep up with. The web design rules also keep on changing. However, there are a couple of principles you can stick to in order to create a great ecommerce site, blog, business or portfolio website.

Clear purpose

As a web designer Chula Vista, you must not start building your website without first having a clear purpose. You need to be sure you know what your website is for and what it is not for. Having a single purpose will help build a better website. The important question you need to answer here is this; how will this website help users buy my products?

Clear audience

Another very important thing your website needs is a clear audience. If you have been doing your research on web development, then you know it is not possible to build a website that meets the needs of everyone. By identifying a specific audience, you will be able to know what they look like, what they enjoy, their plight, how you can help them and so on. This information will help streamline your web design efforts.

Straightforward navigation

The worst mistake you can make in web design Chula Vista is forcing your visitors to guess what needs to be done next. The moment you do this you will lose your audience. In addition to having an easy to understand website, you need to include a straightforward navigation. Visitors should never have to guess where to find certain information. They should be able to get around your website easily.

High quality imagery

As much as text is important, you will need to add images to your website. High quality imagery add life to a website. They also make it easier for visitors to understand what you are selling. However, if the images you use are of poor quality or unrelated, they will not yield the results you need. You must also not rely too much on stock photos. Whenever possible you need to take your own photos. Take photos of your products, team at work, premise and so on.

Right fonts

Is the font you are using legible? Being unique is good but you should always use fonts that are easy to understand. The font should match the general style and must be legible.

Right words

Last but not least you need to be careful with wording. Your web designer Chula Vista can help you build an amazing website but if the words don’t make sense the design will not matter.

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