4 Reasons Why Most Websites Fail

Having the best web design Chula Vista will not be enough to help you ace it in online marketing. It takes more than just the look of your website to succeed. In this article we will be looking at the main reasons why most websites fail and what you can do to avoid falling in that bracket.

Lack a blog

When working on a blog, most people never ask their web designer Chula Vista to include a blog. The reason for this is because it takes a lot of work to maintain a blog. With a blog you will have to post fresh content regularly and respond to the comments left by visitors. What you need to understand is that having a blog is the fastest, cheapest and the most effective way to distribute your work so visitors can celebrate and also boost your search engine ranking. Your blog is the perfect platform to advance SEO, become a thought leader and to add substance to your social media presence. The best thing is that you can outsource blogging for a small fee.

No content strategy

Having a blog is a great thing but are you posting your content consistently, do you know your target audience, does your brand has a consistent voice, what are your SEO objectives and which distribution channels will you be using? With some websites the voice is inconsistent. It is easy for visitors to feel like they landed on a completely different website when they open a different web page or a new blog. If you don’t want your website to fail, you must remember that choreographed content is king. Don’t just post content for the sake of posting.

Poor social media strategy

This is yet another reason why most websites fail. Some businesses don’t even have a social media presence. One thing you have to remember is that most of your target audiences are on social media. You have to reach out to them if you want to ace it in digital marketing. When you share a feed from your social media networks to your website, you will be able to build trust in potential clients. What is more is that the more shares your social media posts get the more exposure your brand will have.

No conversion strategy

Your website must have a purpose beyond just sharing information about your business. The main purpose of your business website is definitely to funnel clients in. For this to happen you must have a sound conversion strategy. You will need calls-to-action. You should know when an on-page action should be solicited and where revenue-driving conversion should be offered. An experienced web designer Chula Vista will help with this.

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