How to Effectively Optimize Your Website for Google

Your primary goal when working on a web design Chula Vista is to come up with a website that will be found. This is never a simple task. This is more so when you consider the fact that search engine algorithms are always changing. There is simply a lot that needs to be done to achieve this goal. In this post, however, we shall be taking a look at the best ways to optimize your website for Google.

Why Google?

When searching for something online, most people rely on the Google search engine. Google is actually the term people use when referring to Internet searches. It accounts for 92.19% of all Internet searches. Bing comes second with 2.61% and Yahoo in third place with 1.85%. While there are many other search engines out there, optimizing for Google is the wisest thing to do. Here are some of the things you need to do to effectively optimize your website.

Local searches

Local searches are the most popular types of search results. This is where you target audiences in a specific region. To succeed with local searches, the first thing you need to do as a web designer Chula Vista is make sure your website is mobile friendly. 30% of mobile searches are location related and 76% of all local searches result in a phone call. To optimize your website for local searches you also need to do the following:

  • Build backlinks from relevant and high authority local websites
  • Use location-specific keywords
  • Add your address on the footer with relevant markup/schema
  • Take advantage of Google My Business Listings

Optimize for featured snippet results

If you are able to get a featured snippet, you will get two times higher CTR. However, for your web content to be featured on the featured snippet results your website has to appear in the first page of search engine results. 70% of snippets are from websites in the top ranking positions. This means you still have to do your part to get your website on the first result page of Google. Content that gets in the featured snippet is one that answers questions, gives listings or content that is in a chart or table format.

Getting top ranking on Google requires consistency and adhering to all the ranking rules. Even when you get on top page you will still have to keep working harder to maintain your high ranking position. Keeping up with the search engine algorithm changes, trends and being consistent is the key to being effective in search engine optimization.

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How to Build a Better Website in 2020

web design Chula VistaAs you get ready for 2020, you need to learn how to create a more impactful web design Chula Vista. There are so many trends out there. Incorporating all these trends when building your website will only lead in confusion. The best thing you can do is identify the most important things and include them in your web design. Here we will be taking a look at the key things you have to do to build a better website for 2020.

Don’t force customers to call you

The most common mistake on most websites today is only offering call or email as the only channel for customer service. While adding your contacts is important, not every visitor will be free to call you. As a web designer Chula Vista you need to add several methods for visitors to contact you. You should also not forget to add an FAQ page to answer some of the questions visitors may have.

Make sure optimized documents are accessible

To keep your website from becoming slow you have to optimize most of the documents you add on it. This includes both images and documents like PDF, Word documents and PowerPoint. A common mistake web designers make is that of uploading optimized documents and never taking the time to see if they are accessible. This leads to problems. Everything you upload has to be checked for accessibility. Adobe offers an accessibility checker that will walk you through the errors on your document and help with remediation.

Ensure all web elements are working

Even when your website seems to be working fine you still need to revisit the source code. Optimize it and make sure there are no errors. You also need to review all the links on your website. If you are using plugins, make sure they are up-to-date and working as they should. All the elements on your page must make perfect sense and serve a purpose. Remove anything that doesn’t add value to your website.

Don’t change the wording to about us, contact us and other similar pages

In an effort to make a web design Chula Vista unique, some people tend to change the wording of certain common pages. There are pages you must never change their wording. The main ones are the Contact Us page, and About Us page. Changing the wording makes it hard for visitors to navigate your website.

Break up large amounts of content

Last but not least you need to break up large amounts of content. In addition to using headings, subheadings and listings, if the content is too long you should consider splitting it into two or more posts. That way you reduce the risk of boring visitors before they get to the important points.

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The Importance of Having Your Website Designed By a Professional

Your web design Chula Vista makes up a crucial part of your business’ online identity. It plays an important role in the success of your business.  More than ever it is important to hire a professional web designer to build your website. Doing so will ensure your website stands out in the competitive online market. Below are a few reasons why it is important to get your website built by a professional.


A website is a collection of different layouts, images, art, original content and other important elements that are fused together to keep visitors engaged and compel them to take a required action. A professional web designer Chula Vista will merge all this elements together in a way that allows easy access. He will also eliminate the nonessential elements which would otherwise bloat your website.  


A professional web designer is aware of the different ways of creating a result driven website that is lively, attractive and one that gives users a great experience.  He knows how to build a website that leaves a positive and strong impression on visitors.


In addition to building a professional website, the web designer will also make sure that your website is secure. Security is of utmost importance in today competitive online market. Web browsers and antivirus software let visitors right away when they are access a website that is not secure. An experienced web designer will make sure that your website has all relevant features needed to enhance security. He will start by choosing a secure hosting service provider, get an SSL certificate and install features that improve the security of your website. 

SEO Optimized

A expert web designer Chula Vista is aware of the tactics used in Search Engine Optimization to increase a website’s visibility on search engines. He will leverage on a number of strategies to give you website maximum exposure. Some methods used include link building, paid SEO, and social media marketing. At the end of the day you will notice a much higher traffic than on websites built by amateurs.

Unique, Fresh and original content

A professional web designer Santee understands the importance of having great web content. He understands the SEO rules and will have done research on your target audience to identify the most effective way of writing content. Some even work with experienced content writers who create content that is not only original but also impactful. The content created for your website will be designed not only to help your site rank high but also to keep visitors captivated.

Web analytics

Last but not least the professional web designer will make use of web analytics tools to get insight into your website. This insight is crucial in improving your strategy. The web designer can also incorporate proprietary analytics tools in your web design Chula Vista to get better data.

There are so many more reasons why you should leave your web development needs to a professional. The hard part is finding a web designer you can fully count on to deliver the results you need. Don’t hire just anyone that comes your way.

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4 Crucial Things Your Website Must Have in 2020

As you get set for 2020, it is imperative that you learn of the key things you need to include in your web design Chula Vista. In this post we shall be taking a quick look at the main things every website should have to succeed.

Great load speed

Every web designer Chula Vista understands the importance of having a website that loads at lightning speed. A fast loading website is the key to offering great user experience to your visitors. In addition to optimizing your web elements for speed, you also need to get reliable hosting. Your hosting provider can be the reason your website is sluggish.

Usability and Accessibility

User Interface Design and User Experience Design are important tools used in web design Chula Vista. As the internet continues to get fast paced, your visitors will get impatient if your website takes longer to load, messages are not clear, and if the menus are not well labeled. This will only lead to traffic loss.

With more than 60% of website traffic coming from mobile users, it is important that your web design be both mobile and desktop friendly. People are ever browsing, researching, and shopping. If they cannot engage with your website on their mobile devices they will simply go to your competitor.

Engaging Content

A good website should have fresh, accurate and original content that instantly communicates to the target audience. Information on products and services should be easy to find and must be useful. You also need an intuitive site map to guide visitors around your website. If they have trouble finding the information they need visitors will simply abandon your website. It is also paramount that you 24/7 customer support. Respond to the questions from visitors as soon as possible. That is the key to winning them over.

Branding and Images

Humans are visual begins. Adding great images on your web design Chula Vista will capture the attention of your visitors and keep them engaged. Your website must also have a consistent color palette and styling. You don’t want visitors to feel like they are on a different website when they open a different page, do you? All in all, you still need to use fewer colors across the whole website and keep everything simple and appealing to the eyes. 

These key points will help you build a better website as you get ready to dominate 2020. The recommendations are, however, not enough. You still need to keep up with the trends and always seek expert help whenever you are stuck.

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Web Design Usability Psychology You Should Understand

As you work on a web design Chula Vista you should not focus on creating a website you will love but one your target audiences will appreciate. That is why one of the first things you need to do as a web designer is to learn more about the psychology behind usability. There are a number of things you will have to understand.


This is the psychology that describes the tendency of web visitors to stick to the first design they learn and judge other web designs by their similarity to the first design. What this means is that visitors prefer systems that are similar to the ones they have learned on and dislike those that are new to them. With this information in mind, a web designer Chula Vista should adhere to the standards in web design. For example, the search tool is always located at the top of the web page and the website’s logo at the top left corner. As much as being unique is important you should not veer too much from the accepted norm.


The one thing you will notice about internet users, yourself included, is that people tend to ignore things that look like advertisements. They do so without even thinking about it. While your website is the beacon of your business you must refrain from focusing too much on promoting your products as doing so will only lead to a high bounce rate. Your content should add value to the lives of your target audience. You also need to avoid large colorful or animated banners as these are easily perceived as advertisements.


Cliffhanger-effects are based on the fact that articles, plots and movies have an abrupt ending with sudden shock revelation or difficult situations. This effect works well in advertisements. It will not cut it for your website. When visitors come to your website they are looking for answers and if you don’t answer them right away they will click away. The best time to use the cliffhanger-effect as a web designer Chula Vista is when you want visitors to take action to learn more. For example you can use this effect to compel them to click on your CTA.

There are several more usability psychologies you can use but the aforementioned ones will help you get started in the right direction as you work on your web design Chula Vista. The rule of thumb is to always put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. What would you want to see?

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Web Design Usability Checkpoints for 2020

Working on a web design Chula Vista is no longer as difficult as it used to be. You no longer have to code everything you want to sell on your website. The myriad website builders make it easy for you to create a website at times without writing a single line of code. Even so, for you to create a remarkable website you must always follow a number of rules. Here are the key usability checkpoints you need to start using come 2020.

Don’t use popups

As much as popups are hard to ignore and seem to be quite effective when you want visitors to take action, you must avoid them as a web designer Chula Vista. The reason for this is because popups only succeed at interrupting a visitor’s browsing session and they can irritate a visitor to the extent of forcing them to leave your website. You have to respect your visitors by ensuring you don’t disrupt them. Best way of doing this is dealing away with popups.

Don’t change the user’s window size

If your font is too small or your web elements are too big you will force your visitors to keep zooming in or out in order to consume your content. This will irritate them and they will leave without taking action. The rule of thumb is not to dictate what your user’s software should be configured. Having a responsive Chula Vista web design will also come in handy when catering to mobile users.

Don’t add unclear link text

Links on your website are very important more so when it comes to search engine optimization. This does not, however, mean that you use unclear link texts. Your links need to be precise and should lead visitors to a described destination. If you mislead your visitors they will lose their trust in you. Always avoid the use of ambiguous link descriptions.

Don’t have dead links

One of your duties as a web designer Chula Vista is to find the dead links and get rid of them. There is nothing more frustrating to a visitor than clicking on a link only to be directed to a ‘Page not found’. You have to keep testing your links to ensure they work as they should. Dead ends will cost you visitors.

Limit animations per page to one

Too many animations on a web designer Chula Vista will be a distraction. This is more so when it comes to blinking images. Such animations make it hard for a visitor to focus. You must also not use auto play media. Let visitors choose whether to play your media or not.

These key things will help build a better website that thrives in 2020. To make sure your efforts don’t go to waste make it easy for visitors to contact you. Add your contact information on every page.

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How to Promote Your Website in 2020

As the year comes to an end, you have to work on your web design Chula Vista with 2020 in mind. One of the best ways to prepare for next year is to keep an eye on the trends. What are your competitors doing to promote their websites? Which trends prove to be the most effective? As you get set for the New Year, there are a number of things you should consider doing as you promote your website.

Paid search campaigns

While organic SEO has always been the best way to draw attention to your website, the results are not always as satisfactory. That is why your web designer Chula Vista will recommend the use of paid search campaigns. These are campaigns like pay-per-click. Paid campaigns give faster results when it comes to visibility. All you need to do is set a fair budget for the paid search campaigns.

Retargeting ads

You will be amazed by the sheer number of visitors who get impressed by your products and services but never remember where they saw those products. To increase sales and conversion you have to think about retargeting ads. These are ad campaigns that are designed to optimize your brand’s visibility to the visitors who have already been to your website. This method relies on the use of cookies which are placed on the computer of a visitor. Thanks to these cookies, as the visitor browses the Internet he or she will be shown ads from your brand. The main job of retargeting ads is to stay on top of mind of prospective clients.

Social media marketing

The social media has been building momentum over the last decade. This momentum is not expected to slow down any time soon. Therefore, as you get set for 2020 you have to consider adding social media marketing to your strategy. Most of your target audiences are on social media and advertising here is the key to getting them. The best thing is that you don’t need a big budget for social media marketing. You only need to be creative and experienced web designer Chula Vista can help with that.

Email marketing

People still use email and they will continue to use them past the year 2020. If you haven’t started building a mailing list you should start doing so now. You should then use your mailing list to send out announcements through email. In all that you do refrain from buying email lists. Build your own lists instead.

These strategies will work great as you promote your website. However, for you to be able to convert your visitors into paying clients you still have to create a better web design Chula Vista. A poorly designed website will simply scare off potential customers.

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How to Effectively Use Keywords on Your Website

Keyword research is very important. It is something you must do before you get started on your web design Chula Vista. This is for the simple reason that the keywords on your website are what enable people to find your content and website. The keywords you choose and how you use them will determine the amount of traffic and conversion your website gets. In this post we will be discussing the best ways to use keywords.

In your content

This is a no brainer. Every web designer Chula Vista knows that their web content should include the primary keyword in order for the website to rank well in search engine results. This does not, however, mean you keyword-stuff your content. Keywords should be used sparingly else your website be flagged as a spam site. Don’t use a keyword more than 3% in your content.


While everyone knows you need to use the primary keyword in the content, most people fail to add the keywords in the URLs. If possible, your primary keyword should be in your domain name. You also need to make sure that the URLs on your website have your keywords in them. All in all, you should not make your URLs long or spammy. Add keywords where they fit in the URLs naturally.

Page titles

The title tags should have the primary keyword in them. This is very important for the purpose of SEO. The best tips you can use when adding keywords in the page titles include:

  • Using both primary and secondary keywords
  • Focusing on users as titles impact the click-through rate
  • Don’t spam your page title with keywords
  • Aim for a natural language and have a clear value proposition
  • Keep the title within 60 characters so that it shows up in SERPs.

Insert them in images

To do this you need to add the keyword in the alt texts of you images. This helps optimize your images for search. WordPress makes it easy for you to add the alt texts. The important rule to follow is to always match the image to the content in order to increase relevancy. Your images should also be optimized for sharing whenever possible. Adding easy share functions to popular social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest will work wonders in optimizing your website.

There is a lot more you can do but the aforementioned points will get you started in the right direction as you work on your web design Chula Vista. Keep an eye on the latest trends and always embrace the best and most relevant ones.

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